WHITIN’S POND – Marilyn Armstrong

RDP #22: Pond

Whiten’s Pond isn’t really a pond. It’s really a widening of the Blackstone River before the dam. Most of our ponds are really widened parts of a river with the exception of Webster pond, the word I cannot pronounce or spell.

I guess I can add one of that also. That’s a true pond. Maybe it’s a lake. It’s big enough and deep enough.

That would be Lake Chargoggaggoggmancogmanhoggagogg.

On the pond in summer

Twilight at the pond

Flying across the pond

Autumn at Lake Chargoggaggoggmancogmanhoggagogg

16 thoughts on “WHITIN’S POND – Marilyn Armstrong

    • So much depends on how much rain we get in any given year. Sometimes, these ponds where the river widens are almost dry … just damp mud. This year, we got a lot of rain so they are a couple of feet deep. It has been a strange year for climate, but it’s the first time in a decade where we aren’t almost dry in all the rivers … a good thing, I think. It gives me hope for my well. By this time of season, we are usually on limited water until the fall rains (hopefully) arrive.


    • There was a lady behind the trees feeding them. I’d never seen such a pileup of birds, so I figured there must be food involved. All the birds on the pond expect you to bring food and they get downright testy if you don’t have something for them. The swans come right up out of the water and look you in the eye. They are really BIG.

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  1. Love the shimmering twilight shot and last pic with tree in foreground, shimmering water. ALL the pics are wonderful.. Are those boids from central casting?


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