The Nightmare Videos Of Children’s YouTube — And What’s Wrong With The Internet Today

Orwell is rolling in his grave.


In a dark, strange corner of the internet, an unknown group of people on YouTube is wilfully hacking young brains in return for advertising revenue. In this TED Talk, writer and artist James Bridle uncovers truth about pointless, mind-numbing videos such as “surprise egg” reveals and the “Finger Family Song” and those algorithmically created mashups of familiar cartoon characters in violent situations.

“We need to stop thinking about technology as a solution to all of our problems, but think of it as a guide to what those problems actually are, so we can start thinking about them properly and start to address them.”


Video via – TED Talks

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Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

9 thoughts on “The Nightmare Videos Of Children’s YouTube — And What’s Wrong With The Internet Today”

  1. I agree. I try to monitor what the grands are watching because a great deal is nonsensical (?) and they absorb everything. Most often, fortunately, the grands come and ask, is this true, is this possible, is this right? Thank god for small mercies. Still, I wonder how much they watch and never question.

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              1. We don’t watch tv. I haven’t had one in over 20 years. I youtube if I want to watch something. I used to buy movies for the kids and myself. I still have most of them. lol


                  1. I’m so glad. There is such a divergence of taste here, that it’s just easier. Cable used to cost a fortune, which I couldn’t afford. With the advent of internet and you tube, I can watch whatever whenever it’s a win win for me. lol As a child I watched tv a lot!


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