Two of four
Getting the color right is the hardest part. The petals are so translucent, they pick up any other strong color nearby.

We were away for a few days. Three, arriving home late on that final day. It would have been earlier but it was Friday and it was rush hour and the first weekend of summer. Everybody was on the road and it was a slow road home.

All four!
Three of four

But for all that, it was good getting home. It was good because all the flowers were blooming like crazy and, this morning, my fourth orchid opened up.

Four orchids, all in a row
It’s a duplicate with a small tone change. Using more red to catch the purple heart in the flower.

This was the last bud, so I assume this will be the final flower of this set. I’m sure no one is surprised I took a lot of pictures.  All of these are macros.

Will these rejuvenate again next spring? I hope so. I was just delighted that they bloomed. After the long, hard winter, this was such a wonderful surprise!

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

22 thoughts on “REJUVENATION AND THE FINAL ORCHID – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. I feel like I did something special, but I know all I did was exactly what I do with all my plants. Apparently, it worked. Now that all the buds have flowered, I guess I get a week or two before they will die back. They were nice while they lasted.

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    1. When the flowers fall off and the stalk gets dry, I snap it off with my fingers and just leave it alone. There are other plants in the pots too and they keep growing. I might have to put it into a bigger post in the fall. But that’s it. The whole experience is hoping they flower. They flowered. Now I enjoy them and wait for next year.

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        1. I have found that to be true of most plants. Give them light, water when needed, repot only when absolutely necessary. Don’t overfeed or overwater and don’t fuss with them all the time. I think too many hands on the plants aren’t good for them.


            1. When I first decided I was interested in growing plants in the house, I had a friend whose apartment looked like a jungle. I loved going there. She went with me to the nursery. We bought half a dozen relatively easy plants. She said: “Put them near a bright window. Water them when they are really dry.” That was pretty much it. Of course, by the time a had a couple of hundred plants and MY house looked like a jungle, I spent a lot more time because I was always looking for insect invasions, deadheading and pinching off pieces. But basically, I’m still very simple with plants. Unless I’ve got aphids, red spider, or thrips munching on something, I water when dry, re-pot only when there’s no other choice, and water when the plant is really dry. With a couple of exceptions, like fuchsia which prefer being slightly moist. Even so, over-watering kills a lot more plants than neglect! And I never fertilize. Literally never.


  1. They are beautiful! Mine have been on a continuous bloom, dying off and then a month later growing new shoots. They are in a South exposure window and I water them every week- it is so exciting to see them blooming again- hope yours do too!


    1. If I had a south-facing window, I bet they would, but it’s a north-east window and it’s the best I’ve got. It’s a dark house, so I figure I’m lucky I got anything. But you never know. It’s a great window for the Christmas cactus, s maybe it’ll work out well for the orchids. Light — the right light — is just a matter of how your house is faced. This one is on an axis and no window fully faces any direction and overhanging trees great reduce the light. Ah what I could do with better light!

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  2. I understand it’s quite a feat to get orchids to rebloom at all. If you managed it once, I think you have a good bet you’ll do it again. But, either way, you have beautiful pictures to remember them by.


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