We pledged allegiance. We thought it meant something.

Obviously, the pledge of allegiance springs instantly to mind. As it should.

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. And to the Republic, for which is stands. One nation, indivisible. With liberty and justice for all.”

We all had to stand up and say it every morning.

Photo: Garry Armstong

Do our representative pledge allegiance? Do they promise liberty and justice for all? Do they laugh as they say it? Because somehow, this very fundamental pledge which all American kids said apparently no longer holds any meaning for what we humorously call “our leaders.”

Just saying.



  1. We used to have to do that at Assembly in the mornings at least once a week, “God Save The Queen”, pledge “I love my country, I honour her Queen.” I can’t remember the rest of it. Most of the people running our country now, the PM included are about my age so presumably they had to do it too in their posh private schools. Just the same we’ve obviously grown up with very different values when a government minister can say when referring to asylum seekers that we should not show compassion or it would only encourage them. (Not an exact quote but that is the guts of it.)


  2. When I went to school we used to sing “God Save the King”. (That tells you how long ago that was.)
    Then I think someone in our government heard about your pledge of allegiance and they started that here too. It only lasted a year or two. They still started the day with “God Save the Queen” and the Lord’s Prayer.


  3. You know Marilyn … I watch sporting events and such … and most of us Canucks don’t even know the words to our anthem. I wonder if Trudeau even does.
    I went to school in the US. We did the Pledge and sang the Anthem every morning. These days … ?

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    • I wouldn’t care if we never said it, but since we are supposed to … what about “those people” who are supposed to be making that pledge a reality? Why do I think they don’t give a rat’s ass for anything but greed?


    • We also used to sing The National Anthem every morning at school, first thing, as they raised the Flag. I remember we swelled with pride as we sang. Seems like everyone knew ALL the words. I saluted as my Dad, a WW2 Vet, taught me. Held the salute FIRM… til the Flag was raised all the way.


      • We were supposed to be inspired by this stuff and now, we are supposed to ignore it, yet somehow, defend it lest someone else forget it. Which of our leaders is committed to liberty and justice for anyone but him or herself?


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