WHICH WAY ON THE WATER – Garry Armstrong

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

You wouldn’t think a marina would be much of a place to walk, but you’d be wrong. There are dozens of piers and decks and companionways everywhere you look.

Even if you never leave the marina, there are a lot of ways to go! We had a perfect summer’s day — which was, coincidentally, the first day of summer … and a stunning sunset that literally wrapped around the entire sky, gold in the east and pink-purple in the west.

On and off the pier
After you leave the pier, it’s travel by water.
And at the end of the dock, there’s the dinghy …
Marilyn on the boat and Tom on the companionway. Very tall steps and then, there’s the little plank to walk.
Almost dark over the pier
Eastern end of the marina just after dark

Author: Garry Armstrong

As a reporter for Channel 7 in Boston for 31 years, I was witness to most of the major events affecting the region. I met a lot of people ... politicians, actors, moguls, criminals and many regular folks caught up in extraordinary situations. Sometimes, I write about the people I've met and places I've been. Sometimes, I write about life, my family, my dogs and me. Or what might otherwise be called Life.

13 thoughts on “WHICH WAY ON THE WATER – Garry Armstrong”

    1. Yes, PANCHO. Thanks for the gorgeous twilight. I know you “know people” but now I am really impressed. That’s why I was squeezing off so many shots as you guys were leaving. Those damn little bugs were all over me. Must be some of Cheeto Head’s “Space Force” Gremlins. Hey, Pancho, thanks for two great days of laughter and fun.

      Now, Ceeeesco must prepare for video crew tomorrow. Looking for masacara and eye liner.


    1. Covert, I couldn’t believe how beautiful it looked. One moment it was late afternoon, the next moment — an MGM sunset. Wow! I framed and snapped as the bugs were chomping on me.


    1. Cee, this really was my pleasure. The twilight was so beautiful. I just kept framing and snapping, hoping I could capture what I saw. It was a Scott Fitzgerald/Ernest Hemingway Sunset. Print it!


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