Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge
You are in a slow, no wake zone. Go slowly or the eagle will get you. Photo: Garry Armstrong

It’s getting harder and harder to figure out what’s odd and what’s just interesting and maybe unique.  That being said, we’ve got a few. We took a lot of pictures this past couple of weeks, which is typical of summer and fall.

Serenity, the dock

During these two seasons, we take probably 75% of all the pictures we take for the entire year.

Author: Garry Armstrong

As a reporter for Channel 7 in Boston for 31 years, I was witness to most of the major events affecting the region. I met a lot of people ... politicians, actors, moguls, criminals and many regular folks caught up in extraordinary situations. Sometimes, I write about the people I've met and places I've been. Sometimes, I write about life, my family, my dogs and me. Or what might otherwise be called Life.

13 thoughts on “ODDBALLS IN RIVER AND GARDEN – Garry Armstrong”

    1. That was one big bird! An American Eagle is a formidable bird. They are fishing eagles and hang out anywhere that they think they can find fish. They are not above stealing it right off your hook, either. When they do that, you do NOT argue with them. These are medium-sized eagles — smaller than Golden Eagles — but they still have a seven to ten-foot wingspan. And very big beaks and talons.

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      1. Wish more of my dinghy shots had come out better. I was defintely in a “Mike Nelson” mood.



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