TEMPER, TEMPER! – Marilyn Armstrong

“Temper, temper!”

That’s what grownups used to say to us when we got angry about whatever it was about which they weren’t angry. I don’t think people say it anymore.

There are so many things to get angry about. I think I’m more puzzled by people who don’t have a temper and seem to think “Oh, everything will work out fine, dear …” Like some kind of mentally deranged auntie who thinks a cookie and milk can solve everyone’s problems.

I say it to me, though. Because there really are so many things to get angry about. Unlike days of yore, everything is important.

Cuts to Medicare will make it less likely we will get proper medical care and considering we aren’t getting any younger, that is a terrifying prospect. Reductions in Medicaid — what we call “Mass Health” — will mean more sick people everywhere. Other cuts will ensure more people living in the street.

In this climate, people freeze to death.

Our desertion of any attempt to control the environment bodes ill for everyone living thing, no matter where they live. If you can’t breathe now, wait a couple of years and you will really be choking.

Temper, temper!

I try to keep it in check because otherwise, I’ll be ranting and railing about everything. We are living on a planet spinning backward, trying to recapture the “perfection” of a time that was anything but perfect. Some kind of mental breakdown is convincing people they should go back to those non-existent days when we lived in a world of smiles and rainbows.

Except we didn’t live there. We just saw it in the movies and on television. I certainly didn’t live in it. I guarantee Garry didn’t live there either.

The world has always been terrifying. All these things going on are intended to make the world safe for the 240 remaining Very Rich White Men. It will not make the world safer for me, you, or anyone we know.

All of us struggled to make a decent life. Everything happening now will increase the struggle and make life harder for us.


Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

21 thoughts on “TEMPER, TEMPER! – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. Sad commentary. Worse still it’s ACCURATE sad commentary. Anyone who doesn’t lose their temper over the mess we’re in, is either on some serious Prozac or is truly part of the problem. IMHO anyway. Cheer up sweetie. MAYBE tomorrow will be better..?


    1. Every day, I wake up and hope. I don’t turn on the news. That’s like not checking your lottery ticket because the longer you don’t check it, the longer you can hope you won.

      I don’t think anything will get better for a few more years, but I want very much to be wrong!


        1. He never lived in OUR world. He never needed money. He never went hungry, not even for an hour or half a day. He never had to buy a used car or not take a vacation because the house needed work. That’s not OUR world.

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  2. My temper is running very short these days. I used to be pretty even tempered, but every day I read that lunatic’s tweets, watch Republicans suck up to him, see his most vile supporters embolden and watch what the SCOTUS is doing and I just totally lose it. And I’m afraid there’s no going back.


    1. I need to let go of it sometimes. I simply cannot cope with being that angry all the time. I’ve lost my stomach to massive ulcers and I don’t think I want to go back there. But I understand how you feel because Garry watches the news and just fumes.

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  3. I am a much angrier person than I was three years ago. I don’t watch the news or read papers every day but I do read news articles online because you can’t be oblivious. I don’t see things getting better in either of our countries and wish we had leaders like those in Canada and New Zealand although I daresay they are not perfect either. Still I don’t want to spend my whole life being in a bad mood. I used to be more of an optimist, I find that hard now so I just try and enjoy the small things in daily life that are good. Pets, friends, hobbies, beauty and that keeps me from going nuts.

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    1. I know. I don’t like being so negative. I feel like our government has not just made bad laws, they’ve spoiled a lot of my life and worse, they’ve stolen my optimism. Things will get better — or we will be doomed. I have to hope they’ll improve, but one way or the other, by the time they do, I’ll be gone.

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