I didn’t go out for two days because it was raining. When I went out today, it was obvious that the rain had fueled the flowers. Now the lilies have taken the field, along with an astonishing display of red roses.

Even the pink roses — which I didn’t prune because I couldn’t get to them — are flowering with surprising intensity. There are dozens of new columbine shoots. No new flowers, but I think they will come.

There are also a lot of new spiderwort shoots, but again, no fresh flowers. Yet. They have many buds, so I’m expecting flowers are on the way.

Daylilies and Fred Flamingo

Bright daylilies

And the tractor ….

Daylilies with roses along the edge with Fred, standing guard

A daylily on a rosy background

Daylilies with red roses 


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  1. Summer in all her glory!


  2. The kind of jungle I love! The contrast of green against the lilies and roses is stunning.


  3. What a fabulous garden! Coffee, a comfy chair, and your set to enjoy! WOW


    • Right now, it’s SO hot outside, no one is out unless they have no choice. We went grocery shopping … the first real shopping excursion in a month … but we are in the A/C for the rest of the night! REALLY hot.


      • We had a seriously hot day the first of the month, it’s been cold ever since. Some nights I want to turn the heat on but I’m afraid to because it could get hot (not) I feel for you. I can’t take the heat any more. When I was a kid 120F was a delight. Now 80 is too hot to take. I couldn’t write a prompt today it was “Patriotic” I don’t see much to be patriotic about atm. Not here, not anywhere so I didn’t write one.


  4. Fabulous colour and texture combination – the burnt orange lilies and crimson roses.


  5. That’s definitely a magnificent display of color!


  6. You certainly have some wonderful splashes of colour


    • We get one month of incredible color in the garden. Unfortunately, after that, it all dies back, but for that month, wow. It’s amazing. And this year, it’s like all the flowers went totally nuts and grew beyond all reason.

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