Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: July 1, 2018

I got a new camera. Having given my favorite camera to Garry, I realized I need at least one long lens. After a lot of checking, it turned out to be far less expensive to get a whole camera than a long lens for the Olympus. The Olympus lens is not only more expensive, it was also much slower. And, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t use it much, either.

Testing, testing …

I bowed to reality. Fortunately, the price on the camera I wanted had dropped by half since I last looked at it. This probably means Panasonic is going to make this model obsolete and introduce another which will cost more, but not necessarily be better — or even as good  — as this one. I have lost faith in new models as improvements over earlier versions.

It was really hot today. Humid, too. Normally I’d have “gone out” to shoot with the new camera, but at 100 degrees (37.8 for your metric folks) and nearly 100% humidity, it felt like hot soup outside. I took a few garden shots, then went back inside for the air conditioning. I don’t like winter, but I really hate hot and humid.

It’s the Duke!

This heat won’t last long. Less than a week, then it will cool down. For the beach bunnies, this is perfect weather for a long holiday weekend. I burn easily and heat stroke is my favorite warm weather activity, so I’m happy in the A/C. Garry claims to love hot weather, but I notice he’s not outside, either. I think when you reach our age, extremes in temperature are unhealthy.

Sleep baby sleep …

Just saying.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!

28 thoughts on “ODDBALLS – MY HUSBAND AND OTHER CREATURES – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. It’s been warm here, but will cool down for the holiday, then heat up to 100 by the weekend. At least, though, we don’t have the serious humidity. We are hearing heat warnings AND fire warnings!

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    1. I still LOVE warm weather. I love the life of shorts, tee shirts and boat shoes. Somedays, no shirt. Yes, I stay indoors more often. I can’t handle lengthy stays in the sun any longer although I do like to bronze a bit. I’m also on the computer bandwagon, whiling away hours on Serendpity pieces and comments and Facebook exchanges with pen pals. It’s also beisbol season. With the TV package Marilyn gave me, I can watch as many games as my heart desires. For some reason, the package doesn’t offer Red Sox games LIVE but that’s a passing irritant. I so love watching beisbol games. I’m catching up on teams all over the country. So many exciting, young players. It’s like a visit to the old drug store soda fountain.

      Winter? I still hate it — even with the humid and sultry dog days of summer. This is where I want to be.

      “A Summer Place” is airing again today. Life is good.

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    1. Well, this one was $1000 a few weeks ago. Adorama had it for $871, but I found it on Amazon for $500. Not cheap, but half what it had been when I first looked at it.

      I’m having a really hard time finding software for photography on the Mac. iPhotos is gone and their new version (Photo) isn’t very good. Nothing else seems to work on the Mac, so I’m stumped. Do you have an application for photos on your Mac? I wind up doing all the processing on my PC.

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      1. I Love my Mac but not for photos. I am lucky to have two good computers, one Mac and one windows 10 and I use my windows for photo work. It is quicker and more efficient. The basic Programme on windows is OK, otherwise I use Ribbit, which I also have on my Mac and it works OK. I just do not store photos on my Mac


        1. It’s funny you know that using the Mac for graphics is such a pain. Because the Mac was originally designed especially for handling graphics. It was “the” computer for it and still is for handling video (TV studios are full of Macs) and sound editing. But for still? There’s very little — other than subscribing to Photoshop which I won’t do — that works on the Mac. I was very surprised that it is so difficult to do anything with photos on it. I knew it didn’t have much of a hard drive and don’t have an issue using a backup drive for storage, but just the processing is difficult. SO much easier on the PC.


  2. Duke does seem perplexed. I used to enjoy hot weather as a kid. I’m finding it less exciting as I age. I too am happy with the a/c which I’ve only used once or twice thus far. We had a 90 F day the first of June. The weather has backed off to cool and off and on rainy. It’s more like an extended spring, or a revisited spring, lol. Either way, I expect it’ll warm up sooner or later. We’ve been known to enjoy 80 F weather late into the fall, perhaps this is one of those years.


    1. Duke is never perplexed. He is a very pushy dog with definite ideas on how anything (everything) needs to be done. But the weather is really hot. Even the dogs don’t want to go outside. Maybe he was trying to figure out how to convince us to lower the temperature. We can do everything, after all. We have opposable thumbs!

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          1. All the cats are in. Not sure if it was because it has been sprinkling off and on for days or not. There are reports of cougars all round and they are so jittery, I suspect the last. Havent heard anything but we know they’ve been spotted in several areas. The deer aren’t as plentiful and they are working their way into towns all over the island.


  3. The new camera looks like a winner!

    I’m with you on the new not being better – being able to do more stuff does not (necessarily always) make something better at doing what it did before, what you want it to do. 😉

    Hope the heat and humidity go away soon and you have a Wonderful 4th of July. 🙂


    1. Thanks. We’re going to go eat burgers and hot dogs and corn at my son’s place down the road. It’s probably going to cool down by this weekend, but the fourth is gonna be a scorcher. It’s OK. They have central air 🙂

      The new camera is still in need of my figuring out how it works. I really wish they would write decent manuals.

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      1. It’s cool you and Garry will be cool on a hot day. 🙂

        I love my 6 motnh old Nikon but i am no-where near knowing how to use all the functions it has and often take pics that turn out less than perfect because in my hurry to get the shot i forgot the settings i had set the last time i used it ( like when i take pics in the day after setting it up the night before for astronomical shots) 😦

        Seems we have to put up with no manuals and ‘figure it out as you go’ these days – unless you google the you-tube vid for the function/brand camera you want to operate properly. 😦


        1. And they don’t always give you the specific information you are looking for. I get to figure out about half of what I want to know, but the other stuff because there’s no INDEX, I don’t even know where to look — or what they call that function.

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          1. Too right!

            I try to work out how to do ‘old’ functions on a new system these days and struggle to find where the information is because they don’t put it where it would make sense to me to put it or call it by a new name. 😦


  4. Heat, humidity and hellacious storms! We’re getting a 3-H summer that deserves three F’s instead. Heck, we had a cold front come through yesterday, but the weatherperson warned us that “there’s no cool air behind this cold front.” Well, then it isn’t a cold front! Sheesh, is it September yet?


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