I know. Another barbecue. Hamburgers. Incinerated hot dogs. Even the salad looks a little wilted. What’s left to do on this withering hot day?

Last year, I decided to have a murder mystery. We made everyone pretend to be dead. I took pictures I wrote a story of murder and detection and in the end, I think the stone frog did it. Watch out for those stoned frogs. They may start with pot, but after that, anything goes.

Maybe that was the year before last? The years keep slipping by.

Maybe this year, someone will bring illegal fireworks from New Hampshire and we can blow someone up then attempt a resurrection using beer and hot dogs with a side of potato salad? If I were making the salad, I’d resent that, but all I’m doing is bringing fresh corn. No matter how inept you are at the whole cooking thing, you can’t ruin a good ear of local corn. At least, I don’t think you can.

Just in case you are wondering what the holiday is about, here it is — the U.S. Constitution in its original (ish) glory

It’s still awfully hot around here. My daily version of canned weather told me it’s going to continue to be tinder dry (I guess they miss the hour of pouring rain last night) and hot. It’s 90 degrees, but it feels like 92.

Really? I’m not sure I’m sensitive enough to ascertain the difference. I think anything over 90 we just call “hot.” The real question is “How muggy is it?”

Counting on resurrection!

I’m hoping for a reduction in the soupy quality of the air. I hope the rain helped a little. Meanwhile, I’m bringing my camera. Maybe I can get everyone to play dead for me. Then I can blow things up to achieve resurrection. Or a few heart attacks and lost thumbs.

Stay tuned. Film at 11. Or 12. If there’s any blood and/or gore, I’ll call it breaking news and put it out there earlier!

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  1. I miss fireworks. Here they are either castillos or just bottle rockets that make noise only. And even those don’t appear on July 4.

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    • We watch the Boston fireworks. They are spectacular. We used to be able to see them from our first apartment which was right on the Charles.


    • We could hear local fireworks or gunfire throughout last evening. The dogs didn’t budge. We’re grateful.


      • My dogs have always been impervious to fireworks and thunder. I occasionally have brought them in just to calm me down. There was a doozie last night. Hugest bolts of lightning I’ve ever seen and close. Thunder like heavenly tanks moving in for the kill. Dogs were fine. I was skittery. Went to bed for protection but kept the drapes open for the display.

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        • Our dogs get a little nervous is the thunder is very close, but none of them get particularly crazy. They sleep through anything that doesn’t actually hit the house. When the thunder was rolling the other night, the only one interested was me. We also have hunters out there and guns don’t bother them either.

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        • Life, we have your thunderboomers right now. Marilyn had to clean up after Bonnie who chose do her “business” in Marilyn’s bathroom. Yes, Marilyn was there. Bonnie didn’t care. None of our furry kids like rain. We’ll have to be vigilant about shushing them out their door, rain or no rain.


          • Morrie just goes on the deck during rainstorms or even when the grass is wet down below, even thought the deck is wet, too. When they were building the doggie domain, he did his business on the dirt floor there every morning before the workment got there. They hadn’t poured the floor or tiled yet. It was like he was claiming it anew each morning.


  2. A murder mystery for the 4th sounds wonderful! We’re cooking out, eating wilted salad. But there will be local sweet corn. It’s not the 4th without it. Have a happy holiday!

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  3. Happy 4th of July. It’s going up to a blistering 67 where I live.

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  4. Garry looks rather restful, actually–there certainly isn’t too much to do when it’s that hot, as it is here too. Fireworks seem to be legal but stoopid here in NY State, and I hope we don’t get much of them. I dislike them and how they scare the animals and maybe set things on fire–I vote NO. Enjoy your day!

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  5. LMFAO that was DELIGHTFUL! Garry playing dead a bonus! smirk smirk good job Garry. Hope you enjoy your day.

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  6. Due to a fall on the cement the other day, I’m in no shape to go traipsing across grassy parks to watch fireworks. My sister & brother-in-law were happy to oblige my offer for a BBQ, games, and watching fireworks on TV! My son had no particular plans, so I invited him too, but he seemed less than enthusiastic…
    Happy 4th!

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    • We will watch the Boston fireworks tonight. I don’t know when (or even IF) there will be anything local, but we don’t go. Our town is really small. When everyone collects to watch the fireworks, you’ve got 9,000 cars in an area designs for horses and buggies. So we stay at home. Otherwise, the fireworks are far enough away that the dogs don’t really notice them. Our neighbors are not big on blowing anything up at home, for which I am grateful.


    • Amoralegria, I hope you are recovering from that fall on the cement. I hope you’ve had an enjoyable holiday with your family. It’s a good day to come together and celebrate our country’s legacy —
      more than ever — in these troubled times.


  7. “stone(d) frog” hahaha 😉

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  8. That’s cool that you have your own collection of real live shelf critters to play dead for you, and all I have at my disposal are a bunch of toys and a couple uncooperative cats. I’m sure you could come up with a great story this year… just remember, a lot of forensic evidence can be found in a burnt hot dog…

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  9. Garry better resurrect soon, or he’ll miss dinner and his new ears! Happy forth, and stay cool!

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  10. I remember your murder mystery…it was a good one. Happy 4th of July to you all there.

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  11. Happy fourth to you and the family, and may you all survive

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