Curtailment without elimination is a process In difficult times, some people go on the stump. They give speeches. They carry signs. They march. They sign petitions and attend meetings. I write. Of all the things I can do, writing is on top of my personal list. I never know (does anyone?) if the stuff I write … Continue reading SPEAKING OF CURTAILING – Marilyn Armstrong

POPULARITY: UPS AND DOWNS by Marilyn Armstrong

Recently, I got "set up" with Instagram. Assured that I could be very popular on it, I set up a password and was left still baffled by how come I can't use one of my laptops. I don't have an iPhone and I'm not really comfortable on my mini iPad. But no matter. I could … Continue reading POPULARITY: UPS AND DOWNS by Marilyn Armstrong


I had a very scary experience recently. I passed out in the supermarket and spent the afternoon in the Emergency Room of a local hospital. I was checking out and taking my purchases out of my basket. Suddenly, I started seeing spots in front of my eyes. They got really bad and I could hardly … Continue reading A SCARY EXPERIENCE – BY ELLIN CURLEY