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Flower of the Day – July 2, 2018 – Daylily

I got a new camera today. If I should ever figure out how to properly set it up, I’m pretty sure I will love it. It is very similar to the one I gave to Garry, but it has a larger sensor and the lens is only 25 – 400 mm. Garry’s goes from 24 – 600 mm. Otherwise, the cameras are very similar, though mine is heavier. In fact, it’s as heavy as a full-size DSLR.

I have not figured out why it is so much heavier. It’s got a 1″ sensor, but how much could that possibly weigh? I think the lens is a bit bigger, though also shorter. Maybe it’s the body. It certainly feels sturdy enough.

I spent several hours today trying to find specific information in their so-called manual. I found some of the information I wanted, but not nearly enough. There’s no index, so I don’t even know if the information is in the manual at all.

There are functions which are not explained at all. I don’t know what job they perform,  so being asked to set it “on” or “off” is meaningless.

You can see Garry back behind the garden, chatting with the dogs.

I really wish they would do a better job on the documentation. I know it’s futile for me to say that, but I spent a lot of years working hard to make the books I wrote correct and accurate. These flimsy half-assed “documents” offend me.

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  1. Your day lilies are absolutely gorgeous. 😀

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  2. you’re off to a good beginning, and you’ll learn the tricks and secrets as you go, i’m sure. i admire anyone who can use a camera, as i tend to only use my phone )


  3. It takes nice photos — could the extra weight be a glass lens rather than plastic?


  4. Your photos are looking good. The more I use my camera the more I discover and I am sure you will as well with your experience


    • There are just some things I can’t FIND. On the previous camera, you can tap a part of the screen and it focuses where you tap it. I’m sure this camera will also do that, but i can’t figure out how to make it work. Very frustrating. I’m sure the function is there, but I can’t FIND it.

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      • When you find out, document it and sell it back to them for their instruction manual. Obviously those manuals are deficient at the moment.


      • those pics are so crisp. You can almost smell the flowers in your secret garden.

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