A quintessential night and I’m too tired to hold my eyes open.

The quintessential night. My back hurt when I got into bed. I hurt slightly less when I turned on my left side but a few hours later the dull, throbbing ache had moved from quintessential to OWWWWW.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

Only one thing helps and that’s moving the bed into an almost sitting position, taking much more aspirin than I should, a couple of tranquilizers (to get the muscles to calm down) and passing out for a couple of hours. I was really counting on NO phone calls and NO visitors. Lucky me. None showed up and Garry, one of the rare moments in our lives, got up before me.

Parked cars

By the time I got up, other than being zonked from an OD of over-the-counter medications, I was not screaming in pain. I wonder how much longer I can go like this?

Quick trip to the grocery. Frozen pizza for dinner. I was in no mood for cooking.

And it’s probably time for a new mattress. It has been 15 years and even a latex foam mattress grows weary.

The problem is, I’m weary. Trying to avoid getting whiny about it, as a life, this sort of sucks. Between the fibromyalgia, arthritis, heart, and a general sense of decrepitude, this is the quintessential stage when all the things that are wrong with me gang up and say “GOTCHA!”

I’m sure by this afternoon, I’ll be in a better place. Or maybe tomorrow. But right now, on a day that is the first cool and comfortable one in weeks, I HURT.

Just saying. And I really need to spend an hour in the grocery store, too. That will probably help. I may not want to do it, but going out and doing something helps. I hate the process, but the results are usually (overall) pretty good.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

21 thoughts on “A QUINTESSENTIAL NIGHT – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. Marilyn, one thing that seems to help me and my back is to stretch. I reach up to the door frame and I try to stretch the vertebral column. I do it every day and it has made a big difference. It’s also good for sciatica.


        1. I think it’s the shrinkage in my spine. Because my LEGS are the right length and my chest from shoulders to waistline is normal, but the waistline is completely gone. My ribs sit right on my hip bones. I do stretch. But the spine is pretty much crushed.

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  2. I’m sorry it’s all adding up to a bad number for you right now. We got coolness and rain, and that helped me and all my aches and pains and convulsions and whathaveyou, so I hope you get relief soon too.


    1. The weather is absolutely glorious right now. Ironically, when the barometer is falling, my back feels better. Our spines actually ARE barometers and for me, when it goes down, that’s better. When it goes up, that’s when it really hurts. That’s one of life’s great ironies, isn’t it? You’d think the bad weather would make it worse, but it doesn’t.

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  3. I have a foam mattress and it may need to be replaced. It’s only about 8 years old. I think i need to rotate is as it is a Queen size and I only use one half out of habit. I can not sleep on the twin bed in a small room in back because it is too firm. I slept there for three weeks when my brother and sister in law were here when I had surgery. I think the floor would have been the same. Whenever is comfortable today, may not be so tomorrow.


    1. Our bed was great, but time has marched on. But replacing it is beyond our means, so it’s going to have to be a cool memory foam mattress and NOT hard. These days, everything HURTS. A firm mattress is sometimes harder than the floor.


  4. They don’t call it “retail therapy” for nothing. 😉 I’m sorry you are in pain! Those days (and I get them too) are only good for working on getting the pain back to a manageable/tolerable level. 😦 Feel better soon..


    1. We got really retailed today. We got a new mattress. Our old mattress is about 18 years old and while it was a GREAT mattress, it’s old and it’s weary. So we bit the bullet. I had a feeling that at least some of the back pain is due to the old mattress.


  5. Feeling with you – hope you got a bit better wandering through the frozen ailes…. 😉
    When is Garry due ? Or is the deed already done? Can’t seem to keep up with you guys….


    1. Garry’s got pre-op tomorrow, surgery on the 20th. Today we went out and bought a mattress. It finally crossed my mind that our 18-year old mattress might be part of my problem. Regardless, it’s pretty beaten up, so it was time.

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      1. Sorry, I’m wahayyy behind with everything. The 20th is my mum’s and one of my sis’ birthday…. I take note and shall think of Garry. Sending some tons of energy to both of you, you may need it!
        Our 100% latex mattresses are on their last leg too…. but we can’t buy new ones NOW…. shall hang on there a bit longer. They are SO important for our wellbeing.


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