FOWC – Scintillating Mattresses

Scintillating. I suppose that depends on how you happen to feel about mattresses because I was not home all day. We were out buying a mattress. While whining and complaining about the pain in my back, I commented that we really need a mattress.

When I mentioned this to Garry, he nodded wildly and said “YES!” which is not how he usually responds to my wanting to spend money.

After some serious checking on prices, i realized that no matter what you do, you are going to spend about $1000 on a mattress. A little more or a little less, but that’s what it will cost. Here, it was a bit more complicated. We have 100 pounds of latex mattress and just getting it off the bed and out of the bedroom — where it will lay waiting for further action in the basement was an issue. We don’t have a dump here in Uxbridge. Many towns don’t and those that have dumps are not happy about taking mattresses.

Why? Because they are BIG, that’s way. We have a lot of trash in New England. We were building up trash before the rest of the country was settled, so there aren’t a lot of places left for dumps. It would cost us a solid $200 – $300 to get rid of the current mattress and Owen would need at least one big strong friend to get the new mattress upstairs.

We paid a couple of hundred dollars more than we would have online, but I also think we got a good mattress with a good warranty. They will deliver the mattress this Thursday. They will unpack it, put it on the bed, take away the old mattress, then clean up all the rubble left by unpacking. Garry will get to have his surgery and come home to a really comfortable bed. Or so I fondly hope.

AND we got to try out the mattress for 90 days, so if it isn’t quite the thing, we can pick the other one. I like this one because it’s just 12 inches and our bed was not really designed for huge, overstuffed mattresses. Also, I thought the 12 versus 14-inch versions felt much the same to me.

The answer for everyone who needs a mattress (other than a twin)? It will cost about $1000. Whether you buy it online or buy it locally, it will still cost just about $1000. You can spend less, but how soon do you want to replace your mattress? This one has a 20-year warranty and we have 90 days to test drive the mattress. If we don’t like it, we can exchange it.

And that’s where we were all day. I wasn’t answering comments or writing. We were scintillating ourselves into a new mattress. To be honest, I’m kind of excited about it. I’m hoping this is going to improve my life.

Nothing can improve the quality of life more than a really comfortable mattress.

14 thoughts on “#FOWC – A SCINTILLATING MATTRESS – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. A good mattress is soooo important! The last time I bought a mattress & box springs – a twin – it ran me about $750. When each of my daughters moved out, I bought them each a new bed (either double or queen, depending on how much room they had). Each one of those beds cost me between $1000 and $1500, but I figured if they had really good beds they wouldn’t be coming home for me to support them. So far, that has worked out well.


    • We kept this bed much longer than we usually would, partly because we were a bit more broke than earlier, but also, it held up really well. It’s only during the past two years, it has gotten noticeably in need of replacement. I really hoped I could defer it a few years, but my back is really hating me. I’m hoping this helps. Beds seem to cost about $1000, give or take a bit depending on what extras you buy with it. That’s the price for one that will last long enough to make your life better. There are a lot of cheap ones, but I have some serious doubts about their likely longevity.


  2. Yes you have to spend big to get a good mattress but it is so worth it. We had the same one for twenty five years in Adelaide and I woke up with a back ache every day by the end so when we moved we got rid of it and bought a new one here. That was a good mattress but after twelve years or so we upsized from a queen to a king. I got tired of trying to sleep in about 18 inches of space. Both times we went to the store so that we could try the mattresses with both of us lying on them first. They were both lovely comfortable beds but the king especially was a pain in the neck to move when it was time to rotate the mattress. At least one of the stores here will take away your old mattress which is great because many charity shops won’t take them although ours actually does if they are in clean condition. I sold both the big beds to to local people and the single I have now I can move myself if I have to. I’ve read that you should get a new mattress about every ten years but of course it depends. If you are not sleeping well on it then I agree but if you are I guess you can stretch it out a bit.


    • In Massachusetts, you can’t donate mattresses. Others states have other rules. We don’t have a dump in Uxbridge and the one regional dump will take mattresses only after big payments — $150 for a twin and $300 for a king. So in the end, it was the same price to buy it cheaper online, then pay for all the transporting.

      Our old mattress was (is) pure Talalay latex and it could have lasted (technically) another year or two, but in reality, it has been getting increasingly tired for a few years. I didn’t want to spend the money, but I’ve been in so much pain — and Garry’s hurting too — at a certain point, it was getting stupid. We needed a mattress. The really cheap ones would be comfortable for few years, but then we’d wind up needing a new one. This is a pretty good mattress and I’m hoping it’ll go the distance. Regardless, the deed is done. How we are going to PAY for it is an entertaining thought. I don’t think we could have gone much further without dealing with the mattress.

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    • It would have been two big guys hauling the new mattress UP the stairs, two or three biggers guys to haul the old one down to the basement … and then, NO idea what we’d do with it. I hope we like it too, but we have 90 days to give it a try and if we don’t like it, we can opt for the next level up.


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