#FOWS – Museum and #RDP 39 – Dart

What do these two words have to do with anything I have to say this morning?

Nothing that I can figure out. Maybe you can find the link I’m missing, but I can’t. This morning is a bit rushed for us. I’m hoping traffic is okay.

This seems like a reasonable place to say what’s about to happen, so bear with me.

Today is Garry pre-op day at UMass Memorial. In less than 2 weeks, it’s going to be surgery and a lot of weeks of checkups, adjustments. and evaluations. Mostly, it means (for us) a lot of running back to and from the hospital until finally, the magic comes together and all is well with the world.

This is the moment when I have to begin to pull away from this blog for a while. Between one thing and another, we are going to be going through a busy time. I don’t want to feel like a failure if I can’t meet my quota of blogs I’ve read, comments made, photos I’ve taken, and posts produced. For a while, the world will have to somehow turn without me giving it a twirl. I suspect it will do just fine.

I’ve been blogging with almost machine-like precision for six years. I hope I can take a break and you all won’t abandon me. I will try to keep up (within limits), but this is not going to be my best summer for creativity.

We’ve won’t be traipsing to museums, though I do very much enjoy them and I’m not planning any dart-throwing in the foreseeable future. I’ll try to comment when I can and you are all in my heart.

Wish us luck and may this summer be warm, full of joy, and smelling of flowers!

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!

32 thoughts on “DARTS, MUSEUMS, AND THE BEGINNING OUR OUR SUMMER PUSH … Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. Just take it easy, important is that everything works out. I noticed that since WorsPress are not doing the daily prompt, there ar3 about 3-4 prompt choices, I said from the beginning just one is enough for me. It’s tempting to do more, but not for me. Life just doesn’t have enough time


    1. I didn’t do the daily prompt every day anyway. If I had other stuff going on, I did other stuff. Now, I sort of feel obligated because everyone is trying so hard … but these next couple of months are going to be a bitch and how Garry is going to feel, we have no idea. He may be just fine. Or not. Everyone reacts differently, so I’m going to simply have to be on hand to manage.

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    1. Garry is about as healthy a man as you are going to find, his age group or ANY age group. But surgery is already a bit nervy for everyone. So until it’s done and everything is working … well … we wait. So far, so good.

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    1. It’s the hole they plan to drill in his head. He has a mental image of the drill. Not a good image. Otherwise, he’s incredibly healthy, not just for a man his age. He’s slowed down some, but he’s really healthy.

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    1. He should be fine. They really know what they are doing. There are always possible accidents, but I’m counting on this working well. And Garry HEARING normally for the first time EVER.


    1. I also hope he recovers quickly and easily. It’s such a lot of guesswork. Some people have almost no reaction to the surgery itself, others have a lot and it’s individual. Eventually, it pretty much always works out, but getting there can be a shorter or longer journey. I’m really counting on SHORT.

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