Lilies of the Field and Garden

We got all our lilies by digging them up in the woods and from along the road. There were a few in the garden, but there were thousands of them everywhere, so we took some. We also took spiderwort and redistributed Solomon’s Seal from deep shade to more sunlight where they have thrived.

Of all our replanted wildflowers, my favorites remain the daylily. 

They are bright and tall. On a good year — like this one — they stand taller than me. Of course, I’m so short it’s nothing special being taller than me, but you get the point I’m sure.

9 thoughts on “DAYLILIES – FLOWERS OF THE DAY – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. They will grow anywhere and originated in India and China, so I’m sure they would grow like crazy for you. They are an extremely enthusiastic plant! And they also come in every color in the rainbow. There are Chinese lilies which are grown from the original big orange lilies and your climate is less intense than ours. They come in everything from almost black to deep scarlet to brilliant yellow. I had a bunch of them, but winter did them in. It gets VERY cold here until the weather got worse. Now, it’s too cold for most of the Chinese bulbs. I don’t think you get quite as frigid a winter as we do, so I’m betting they’ll do well for you. The bright yellow ones are almost as wild as the orange ones and I have found them growing wild in parks along the rivers.


    1. Essentially wild, these days. The differently colored ones are hybrids from China, but the yellow ones grow wild here too. Not on my property, but they do well in the valleys where the rivers run.


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