I listen to the various pundits on all the news stations and newspapers going on and on about what Democrats need to do to win the midterm elections. They all have a variation of the same theme. They must have a “message.” They can’t just say “Hey we are better than that asshole Trump and those fucking Republicans.”

They need to be for something, like universal health care, a 15-dollar minimum wage, not ripping innocent children from their parents for the crime of trying to come to America for a better life.  But here’s the thing.

That’s bullshit. I completely disagree. We have moved far beyond arguing about political policy. We need to run on what kind of human beings we are in this country.

It’s really simple.

Are we, as Americans, decent human beings? Or are we dicks?

It turns out that over the last two years we have found out there are a frighteningly large number of Americans who are unimaginably horrible dicks. 

If you think ripping a baby from a mother or father and then sending it to another state without any way of keeping track of who the baby belongs to or where it went is OK, you’re a dick.

If you are horrified by this and you didn’t believe such a thing was possible in America, you’re a decent human being.

If you think white supremacists and Nazis are good people, you’re a dick.

If you think a white supremacist running down innocent protesters with his car and killing at least one is bad, you’re a decent human being.  Side note: NAZIS ARE BAD.

If you are a white person who calls the police because

1 – A black family is barbecuing in a public park
2 – A black fireman is doing fire safety checks in his own neighborhood
3 – A black state representative is going door to door talking to her constituents
4 – A black woman is at a community pool to which she belongs
5 – A black man is wearing socks at a public swimming pool

you’re a racist dick.

Oddly, most of the dicks who called the police on these people were women. Turns out

You don’t need a prick to be a dick.

That might make a pretty good bumper sticker or tee-shirt.

racist white women

One of dicks who actually did one of those things.

If this stuff both surprises and appalls you, you’re a decent human being.

I’ve been covering elections for CBS since Nixon. In every election, both sides always say the same thing. “This is the most important election of our lives.”

And we all go, “yeah, sure, whatever.” But this time, for the first time in my life, I agree. We, as a country, are at an honest-to-God existential crossroad. We are being governed by the largest group of horrible dicks in modern history.

And we are being led by the biggest dick of all, the twidiot-in-chief.

So, please, get out and vote this November.

Be a decent human being.

Don’t be a dick. There are way too many of them out there already. 

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  1. Reblogged this on Serendipity Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth and commented:

    Even though the election is over and the world is calmer — yet sadder — place, this deserves a rerun. Because things have changed, but the GOP hasn’t changed. Today, Trump came out to harangue Facebook for blocking him. I guess after taking on Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head, they needed to bring back the big orange guy himself, just to stir the pot. Like life, following half a million deaths, isn’t difficult enough?


    • I forgot I even wrote this. So sad this is still not just relevant but more relevant.


      • That is IS still relevant is a real gut-wrencher. We got our victory — but it’s not exactly the victory we needed to get things done. It’s a narrow victory and leaves us very vulnerable. Worse, everyone is exhausted from the past year and some months of living locked in with a constant TV crawl about the plague attacking us.

        It took a look time for us to become this deplorable and probably would normally take at least as long to break free of it, if we were working really hard at it. Which we are unlikely to do because it would cost too much money to do what needs doing and never mind that NOT doing it will end the world as we know it. All that matters anyway is money, right? Right. Meanwhile, we don’t have the time to wait for things to work through.

        It’s demoralizing, to say the least.


  2. Written some time ago and still a much-needed reminder. Yeah, Don’t be a dick, you live in a world full of many different racial and ethnic backgrounds, get used to it and go out there and be a good person, be a neighbor, and maybe even a friend. Imagine that, it can happen to you, it takes a being a friend to become someone’s friend.


  3. Well … I don’t own any coats that have “We really don’t care” written on the back of them.

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  4. I just can’t even with all the dicks. Now, I’m not some silly goose who didn’t know there were a bunch of horrible racist misogynists in the country ~ but I kinda thought they were mostly old and would soon die out. It has shocked me to realize there are plenty of middle-aged and younger dicks infesting this nation. Great post! We need humor.

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  5. Yep. Women have always known that you don’t need a dick to be one. Great post!

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  6. There’s a Black Guy in a hoodie, eating fried chicken in the backyard. I called the cops.

    I miss Ben Carson. Has he opened his eyes yet?

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  7. I’m taking odds on whether or not there is ANY chance that they can get all those kids back with their families before the end of the month. They are trying to track the families down using DNA. They could call in the Red Cross who are VERY good at this kind of thing. There are actually a lot of agencies whose job is to track families after and during crises. Instead, they are ENJOYING this. I can’t prove it, but I think they think this is some kind of sick fun.

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