BLANKETS OF ROSES – Marilyn Armstrong


Although the first run of roses is beginning to fade a bit, it’s still an impressive site out there in our garden, or, as they say around here, GAHDEN. Dump that “r” … we don’t need them in Massachusetts. Bet you can’t find an “r” in there. No “r” in Massachusetts!

A few roses!

It’s really quite impressive. When I took my clippers and attacked the roses, I hoped it might improve them, straggle bunch of brutal thorn bushes that they were. I did not expect this massive response.

Roses and daylilies

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14 replies

  1. More of those stunning roses. I so adore their color. 😀


  2. What a glorious garden, Marilyn.


  3. They clearly like the attention you gave them. 🙂


  4. Nice ‘Oses. Wait, you mean the dump the R rule doesn’t work that way?


    • That is a rather unique way of dealing with it, I grant you. Actually, we add and r at the end of words that don’t have one, like “idear,” remove them in the middle of words, which sometimes makes the word sound like something else entirely.

      “Dryvuz” at Hahvid enjoying some new IDEARS.


  5. They are really beautiful and so many


  6. Oh goodness your roses are beautiful. So lush – and with dalilies!!!


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