Because most of us are rational, we not only loathe the guy running our government. We also really want to know how he became such an awful person. We all know people — some of us are those people — who grew up with abusive parents. Desperately poverty. Rich and privileged, lower, middle, or undefined class. One of many children. An only child. Male. Female. Other.

By: Dreamicus

Most of us turned out okay. Even those who have (had) (still have) a lot of issues were never completely loathsome. All of us had a few good points. Someone thought we were okay.

But then, there’s Donald J. Trump.

So I thought I’d run a little survey.



His father was a pretty ugly guy in his own right. A racist slumlord, I’m sure he passed his beliefs to his kid. But other people have rotten parents and they don’t grow up just like them. Rich and poor, children can grow into decent people, no matter how they began.

What made the difference? If it wasn’t a contract with the dark one? A television renewal failure? What happened to turn a rich asshole into the pit of evil?


    1. You just have to wonder WHY? We all go through bad stuff, some of us terrible stuff … but we don’t come out as rotten as he did. And he has all these disgusting followings. Personally, I always thought “deplorables” was right on target.

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      1. Yeah I agree! I know he’s a figurehead and the power that rules is behind the scenes, that’s a given. Still it’s look at the deplorable and while your doing that, we’re doing what…over here! Your attention is focused on him not what’s really going on.

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        1. I know it’s an international trend which makes it even more terrifying. If I thought it couldn’t happen here, I NEVER imagined it could happen in Canada or England or Australia. I was sure someone was sane somewhere. Now, I have to wonder. Is it in the water? What is WRONG with the human race? How can so many of us be so terribly, evilly sick? Have we always been like this?


          1. I believe there are evil powers at work, and people are being led around by the nose to those ends. Adam recently found a video on youtube about Bill Gates that horrified me. IN HIS OWN WORDS, he said they were depopulizing the world using immunizing shots. They started with Africa, India, Asia. These shots were given ultruistically, but included inside the vaccine, a control for population. They’ve been doing it in America as well. How horrific is that! So all the powers that be are in cahoots.


            1. I don’t know that this is a true story. Have you done any background research to check its validity? That’s the kind of nonsense people publish and we are supposed to believe it. I do NOT believe it.


                1. Trump says a lot of stuff and most of it is lies. Actually, I’m pretty sure ALL of it is lies. I already have nightmares about the world and where it is going. If I delve any deeper, I’ll be just about ready to hang myself. There is such a thing as enough pain and agony for any given day and I think I’ve gotten there.

                  I live in hopes of better days and whatever is wrong with the world turning around and getting better. But I also need to have a life. I’m not going to live forever. I would like to enjoy at least some of what remains to me. It hasn’t been an easy life and I had hoped old age would at least shave away some of this stuff and leave me with room to breathe. Not happening. But I still have some remaining hope.

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                  1. I’m with you. I had a horrible childhood and ten years were little better. I’d hoped my golden years would be a awesome. Not horrible but not awesome either with lots of surgery on the horizon. I try to bring a laugh to everyone each day, but ran out of time today, hopefully, later. Xox uo


                    1. I really believed that at least retired would mean I could leave the heavy lifting to the younger generations. Fat chance! They don’t remember anything about the past and have NO idea what they are letting themselves in for.


                    2. I know that one! My kids are on the ball, especially my son. My daughter is crazy busy with 4 kids and an absentee sig. other who works away 10 months of the year, hence why we are here to help.

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        2. Unfortunately, I DO know what’s going on and I don’t like it. Especially because people like me are a major target. There is also, other than objecting and voting, not much I can do about it. My “going to war with weapons days” are long past.


        3. I hate talking about him. Yet, we keep talking about him. It’s lose-lose. There’s a baseball game looming. Bye, Cheeto Head.


      2. DJT’s Father made a deal with the then St. Louis Browns (worst team in beisbol) — His offspring for a bag of beisbols. The Son was added as a “player to be named later”. The Brownies said DJT was awful–even for them–and he was designated as the player to be named later– and, shipped off into beisbol purgatory.


  1. What made the difference? If it wasn’t a contract with the dark one? A television renewal failure? What happened to turn a rich asshole into the pit of evil?

    Everyone will have a different opinion about that last question. Me? A pile of excrement doesn’t change. It can smell differently, it can look differently, but regardless. It’s still a pile of shit. I don’t think the guy was born with a conscience or ethics; and you’ve give uninformed people (me) a clue as to why that thing is so nasty today. Nurture versus nature in action. Still. T-dump had a choice and showed his true colors. Sad for America.

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    1. I know a lot of people who had terrible parents who turned out to be good people. He was not one. It makes me wonder: what happened to him? Is it really DNA? Was he literally born bad? Because being that rotten isn’t NORMAL to the human species.


      1. You wouldn’t think it ‘normal’, would you? It’s been bandied about that T-dump is criminally insane in some way…sociopath or psychopath for two options; some people are simply as your title says “Bad To The Bone”. I like Tom Curley’s description “a narcissistic sociopath”. The bigger horror (to me) is that so many people believe his bum-fuckery and voted for him; will defend him mercilessly, and think he’s a ‘good guy’ at heart and picked on. THAT kind of thinking is what keeps me up nights..


        1. I feel much the same. How can people abandon any conscience or moral center they had and follow this guy? How can they do it? And some of them consider themselves RELIGIOUS. What religion would extol DJT? Any? Anywhere? Ever?


      1. Back in the early days of Spacey’s presidency, I would look at Garry and ask him “Is this true?” I sometimes wonder how many people Trump had someone else kill on his behalf. I can’t prove it, but would any of us be surprised?

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      2. Still internalizing DJT’s ‘standup’ performance for his pal, VLADY while throwing his own country under the bus.

        Reap the Wild Wind, MacCheese Head 45!!


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