I have never been superstitious. No worries about broken mirrors or walking under ladders. No throwing the salt. None of that. I like black cats — and for that matter, black dogs and brown people.

The Superstition Mountains

Except since I got involved in baseball, I have gotten wrapped in Garry’s personal superstitions.

The Red Sox special 2018 Aloha shirt by Reyn-Spooner.

It turns out that people who are “into” sports are very superstitious about them. If they are on a winning streak, they won’t change to different shoes until the streak runs out. Or they will only be called by a particular nick-name during a drought versus during a streak.

Garry and Harvey Leonard, famed meteorologist sharing old Dodger baseball memories

For Garry, the fear is that when the Red Sox are doing well, if you talk about it, it will end. I grant you that this superstition grows out of the Red Sox 87 years without a World Series win, but still. We are doing well this year, but we can’t talk about it. When the announcers start to talk about it on television, Garry changes the channel.

It’s part of a long tradition which goes with the most dangerous line in our language: “What could possibly go wrong?”

It really is the most dangerous line in the English language. Something can always go wrong. No matter how well you’ve planned it, scanned it, laid it out in columns. Backed it up with a dozen alternate plans, if you say those words, something bad will happen. Always.

Especially in baseball.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

13 thoughts on “RDP #43: SUPERSTITION? TIME FOR BASEBALL! – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. Even those not otherwise superstitious can be that way about sports, right down to not wishing them luck. I am that way about the weather–I hate when people parrot bad weather news from the media since i think it only fuels it, and I just prefer to look outside and see if it’s raining or not. Fingers crossed for all good causes–

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  2. I believe I’ve seen other posts talking about baseball and I’ve come to the conclusion that y’all are Red Sox fans? So what’s with the Dodgers shirt? 😉 That could be considered something that might break a streak, right? 🙂

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    1. Emb, I was a Brooklyn Dodgers’ fan in my youth. As you know, the Dodgers heartlessly abandoned me and generations of Dodger fans for the lure of gold, endless sunshine and big breasted wimmen in Los Angeles. I was utterly devastated and heart broken but moved on with my life to root for the newly-created New York Metropolitans in 1962. Casey Stengel managed the team which was actually comprised of unemployed clowns from the days of silent movies. In 1970, TV news beckoned me to Boston where I eventually fell in love with the Boston Red Sox aka The Sons of Teddy Ballgame. I actually saw the Bosox break the 87 year curse of the Bambino in 2004. What a wonderful world!

      Now, we’re a brave new world with the Red Sox boasting the best record in beisbol as we head into the 2nd half of the season — the dreaded New York Yankees — with a new generation of ‘baby bombers” are hot on our trail.

      That Red Sox shirt? I’ll wear it on Friday — the day of my cochlear implant surgery. Hope it brings me good luck and the Red Sox a victory.


  3. When I chose superstition as today’s prompt, I was pondering about sports and how many superstitions there are. I was thinking about players and their practice rituals, dressing in a certain order, etc. For the athletes, I realize that helps facilitate a mindset, increases the chances of being “in the zone”. Now the fans, that’s a whole ‘nother story, as you have clearly illustrated!


  4. IF you think you’re superstitious you should hear some of the players superstitions. There are too many to mention, but nearly every player has something or some kind of ritual they do. I’m sure they mostly won’t talk about it either.


  5. Sox 10 game streak came to an end tonight with a 13-7 loss to Toronto. I have a superstition that no matter how well the Red Sox are doing prior to the All Star break, the wheels will come off the bus after the break. I hope I’m wrong, but it happens more often than not.


    1. I think the Yankees have a team that, if everyone stops breaking down with injuries, is going to roll over the rest of baseball. Including us. We are also suffering a lot of injuries to our most important players. I often believe that whoever wins, in the end, is the team with the most players still standing!

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  6. I am not the least bit superstitious… and ESPECIALLY so when it comes to sports. I have been accused of starting hundreds and hundreds of jinxes in my life by the mere mention of things that big time fans warn you to never talk about. Especially in bowling. My God, to think of all the potential 300 games my big mouth alone has personally put an end to for the mere fact that I noted a perfect game was at hand. I am the bane of superstitious sports people…


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