All photos: Garry Armstrong

I told Garry he had to get up early because the guy was coming from Hellen’s Fuel to adjust the boiler. It’s supposed to be an annual event and recently, is more like annual-and-a-half. We usually have plenty of extra money in the “heating oil” account, but winter was colder and longer than usual, so we got at least two extra fillings of oil … and we ran out of money. That’s a first, too. We’ve never run out of money in all the 18 years of living here.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

There’s a first time for everything.

So, the guy didn’t show up to “tune” the boiler. I called the company, but no one was there. The office was empty. I thought that was pretty strange at midday on … hmm. I furrowed my brows and looked at Garry.

“Is today Monday?”

“No,” he said. “Today is Saturday.”

“Right,” I averred. “Because yesterday was Friday. Why did I think today was Monday?”

“Does that mean the guy isn’t coming to fix the boiler?”

“It means that yes. But why did I think it was Monday. I knew all day yesterday it was Friday. I lost a whole weekend.”

Photo: Garry Armstrong

I worry myself when that happens. It’s one of the problems that come with not having kids in school or going to work. Every day is pretty much the same as every other day. This is not a bad thing unless you have an appointment or intend to watch something live on television. Like Wimbledon or the soccer finals.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

When you have lost your weekdays, organizing can become entertainment. At least I didn’t drag him out of bed really early, but I was absolutely sure it was Monday.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

And, though I may not know which day of the week it is, I pretty much always know the real date because I schedule my posts and bank payments, so I spend a fair bit of time staring at calendars.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

Still, it wasn’t Monday. Now, 10 hours later, it still isn’t Monday. But when I post this, I’m sure it will be Monday. Because I’ll use a calendar.

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11 replies

  1. I know the feeling. When the little ones are in school, it’s easier to keep track. Everyone’s schedule is crazy from 5 am work shifts to 2 30 work shift ending at 11 or 12 or 1 and being retired, I didn’t need to keep track of days. Now I often forget which day it is as my days are long 5 am to at least midnight, some days can feel like two or very long while others whiz by.


    • When my granddaughter was in school, I knew the days, the seasons, and how early I had to get up to make sure she got on the bus. I made sandwiches for Garry to take for lunch and often for my son and I ticked like a clock, day to day. But I don’t (usually) need to do that now. This month, I do, but not usually. I don’t need to know all of that stuff and I’m SO glad!


  2. 😦 One of the things I am not looking forward to when I retire. If my work schedule changes at all I often lose days. Because I had the 4th off, on Saturday the 7th I started to go through my Sunday evening routine. Oh well, I guess it is better to be Saturday and think it is Monday than Monday and think it is still Saturday! That way you really lose a couple of days.


    • When you aren’t living on a regular schedule, the difference in days gets meaningless. Unless you have something you really need to do on any particular day — for which calendars were invented — it doesn’t really matter whether it’s Saturday or Monday. At first I found my lack of mental calendar alarming, but then I realized I had no reason to keep one rolling in my head. There are calendars on my computer, on the kitchen cabinet, in the bedroom … and I only look at them if I know something is coming up. This week is a very “coming up” kind of week, so I have my eye on the calendar and probably will for a while, but after that, I intend to go back to not caring about the calendar, as long as someone reminds me when it’s someone’s birthday. And for that, there is Facebook — its primary meaningful job in my world!

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  3. You ARE funny! I have ‘day-positioning’ problems when the week is getting mixed up. Like a Sunday and I’m doing something else for a good reason and then I count the days as per my usual Sunday…. with church etc. I fail every time….
    Or when the French have their Quatorze Juillet (for info; only the Americans and Brits call it Bastille Day, the French never do) and we are actually in France (and not as usual, attending a choral or musical week somewhere), and it’s officially a ‘Sunday’, and you want to do some shopping, or lawn mowing or hanging your washing out….. 🙂


  4. I am not quite there yet, but have to remind Mr. Swiss now and again. On Saturday morning he was waiting for me to get ready for shopping when I reminded him it was Saturday and not Monday. It was when I put up the ironing board the he realised something was out of place

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    • Garry was doing laundry and forgot he was doing laundry. At some point, I mentioned that there was probably laundry waiting downstairs. He looked at me and said: “Laundry? Oh … ” So we are even. I thought Saturday was Monday and he forgot the laundry.

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