ODDBALLS FOR THE WEEK – Marilyn Armstrong

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge

It’s hot out there. The dogs don’t even want to leave the house. Air-conditioning is on for the day. What to do?

Just a cushion. For the dogs.

It is beautiful outside. Beautiful, humid, with just enough sunshine to make it feel like a cooker. There isn’t anything unusual about this. We call this “summer” in New England.

In and out of the deli

I always laugh at people who somehow think we have this crisp weather here. Everyone takes pictures of New England in the fall and that is when we actually have crisp weather. But that is the only time we have it. The rest of the time it’s bitterly cold with mountains of snow. Hot, humid, and hazy, or layered in the mud.

Trying to get out-of-town. Futile and expensive.

Let me restate that: anywhere near the coast is like that. Probably if you live in Vermont in the mountains, it’s different. Actually anywhere far from the coast with some altitude generally gets less of the mucky weather, though this year, that hasn’t been true. It has actually been hotter north of here than in the valley.

The last time we did laundry … and it’s time to do it again.

That’s not usually the way it goes. The only place the weather has been typically typical is on the coast itself where the sea breeze drops the temperature and generally makes life more pleasant in the summer.

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  1. Garry can’t get away with anything. Wonderful odd ball photos for this week. 😀

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  2. I can attest to this. Having lived on the tip of Vancouver Island, it was rarely actually warm. Some years we managed to hit 80 but the norm was 70 but it always felt cooler owing to the oceans constant breeze. Having moved 6 hours south, we have seasons. which have made a huge difference. The ocean breezes are felt where we live, pretty constantly, which is a boon as it can reach well over 100 and I’m not acclimated as yet. So far this year, we’ve only used the a/c a couple of times. The first two years here, it was a given and so bloody hot I couldn’t believe it (from the beginning of June to late Sept. This year, mid-July has meant a couple of days of really hot weather.


  3. The weather is wonky everywhere. And I have to smile when folks come to Utah expecting…well I don’t actually know what they expect. It’s hot or cold with very little in between. USED to be four actual seasons here, but no longer. At least it’s not humid, but with all the hot or cold dry air? One’s skin is apt to crack and become friable, and look in older age like an old leather bag left out in the elements. So there’s pros and cons to wet heat versus dry heat. Your skin is beautiful still. I’m younger than you, but I am beginning to resemble that old leather bag already. *sigh*


    • Utah has always had a variable climate because of your mountains. The lowlands, as far as I know, were desert, but the mountains were … well … They have their own climate. Our area has always been wonky because we are smack dab against the ocean and with the ocean comes all kinds of weather. It has always been unpredictable.


  4. I grew up very far from the ocean – Ohio. Northern Ohio’s weather is actually in ways similar to New England except winters are slightly shorter and summers are hotter and more humid. (We lived 2 miles from Lake Erie, so almost an inland sea, but not an ocean!) Yep, hot and humid in New Hampshire, which makes me even more thankful for a cottage on the Cape! It is even more humid there, but 10 or 15 degrees cooler than NH!


  5. Good to know. We looked once for accommodation in Connecticut when a job was offered to HH. As so many things in our lives, it looked very, very attractive at the time, weatherwise and else, and after he declined the possibility and we returned, we saw ‘only’ the downsides of it all…… But I DID have a fire-engine red rental Mustang to drive myself around, a gaz guzzler par excellence, and it felt great for the few days it lasted…..!


  6. The Quaker deli shot looks like a scene from a film where one of the main characters was making an entrance

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  7. Gotta say, I sure do love the “crisp” New England (autumn) weather. I spent 20 years in NH, and there’s nothing like it, nothing that I know.


  8. So, the second one, the Quaker Deli.., which thing is the oddball.., the deli photo, or the guy coming out of it? 🙂

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    • Wondered about the same thing too!!!! What is different in a Quaker shop? Serious question, I really have no clue….


      • Directly across from that Deli (which is on Quaker Highway) is the first Quaker Meetinghouse in New England. It’s still in use, though only in warm weather because it’s unheated. They do a delightful Thanksgiving service. We live in the small area adjacent to RI which was mostly Quaker. RI is just 3 miles down the road from us. So there’s all kinds of Quaker stuff around us.

        I should go take some pictures. It’s hard to shoot because it’s on top of a hill and there’s nowhere to stand back and get a good view of it. But I will try. It’s a lovely old church.

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