THINK IT’S GONNA RAIN – Marilyn Armstrong


I wasn’t going to post again … but I looked outside and it’s as dark as night. I guess we are getting some rain today. Finally. It’s about time!

As as the thunder rolled, the rain started pouring down.

Photo: Garry Armstrong, taken as the weather began to close in.

And now, it’s raining. Hard. It’s still very dark outside. Maybe we’ll get that cooler air they’ve been promising.

25 thoughts on “THINK IT’S GONNA RAIN – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Our long promised “cooler, drier” air just arrived yesterday. After all of the storms that just made it more humid and those mysterious “cold fronts” that didn’t actually have any cooler air behind them… it actually feels almost pleasant outside for a change. Good luck on the less humid air actually showing up…


    • That’s kind of what happened here. It is cooler — a little bit — but it’s not much less humid. At least the plants got watered, though we are in the dying off garden phase now. All the lilies are dead, everywhere. They burst into bloom, then die in a burst. And we are in the mid-terms of the baseball season. If the Red Sox don’t fade into the sunset …


  2. Yesterday afternoon we had at least 5 rain storms. It came, rained, stopped, went away and returned. At least the garden got watered and I could only watch it happening.


    • We’re having flash floods all over New England. It has been so dry for so long, the ground is hard and not absorbing the water well. I think they are getting even more rain further north. It’s still very dark here, but the rain has stopped, for now. I suspect it’ll be back.


        • It didn’t stop raining, but now it’s just raining more or less normally. Hopefully, more of it will get into the ground. But all the major roads are flooded and there have been several drownings in the past couple of hours. Dry summers are not unusual. This one hasn’t been nearly as bad as we’ve had in the past, but still … not a lot of rain. A lot of gray, humid days, but then it clears up.


                • I was never good in our steamy summers. In Israel, it was really DRY unless you were near the sea. Here, the air is hot and like soup. Very unpleasant. I can’t even get myself outside to take a few pictures. I should, but it’s so sticky.


                    • I totally wilt in the humidity. I always did, even when I was a kid. In Israel, you get a wind called the “Khamseen,” which is a super-heated sandy wind that blows up from the Sahara — which is 5,000 miles away, mind you. Unlike regular air, it’s humid and it’s full of grit. People get crazy during khamseen. Literally wacko. Because in a normal heat wave, as soon as you are out of the sun, you are comfortable. The shade drops the temperature by 40 degrees, which is why you usually don’t need air conditioning in homes. Nights are cool and the shade makes it comfortable. But when those winds come up from the big desert, all bets are off.


  3. I’m extremely jealous. It’s teased me here for three days, with high winds, clouds and greyish skies, but NO RAIN. 😦 I’m very glad you guys got some all the same. 🙂


    • It was just gray this morning, but all of a sudden, it went really dark. It looks like night and it’s pouring. We really needed the rain and we need the air to cool down. It has been so humid, the air felt wet. I hope the rain will come your way soon. Summer tends to be dry, even here. We don’t get much rain this time of year. Sometimes, none from may through mid August.

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      • I could smell the rain coming. The weather changed as i was headed home. I think I got in the door before the first rain drops.


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