I was reading a news story about the Trump Putin press conference in Helsinki where our Twidiot-In-Chief announced to the world that he is Putin’s little bitch.

Who’s a good little boy? You’re a good little boy!

Note: If you aren’t an American, the Daily News has always been a conservative, rather right-wing newspaper. Not anymore.

He put Russia first and threw the entire US intelligence community under the bus. It was just one of the dozens of stories I read. Two interesting things popped out at me after reading them.

First, the word “Treason” was showing up all over the place, both on the television news and in the newspapers.

Second, one of the comments on one of the stories about Republicans defending this asshole ended with this: IOKIYAR.


What the hell does that mean? I know it’s internet slang. I know what most of the common Internet acronyms mean.

OMG – Oh My God

BRB – Be right back

WTF – Why the fuss?  (Why the Fuss? WTF?)

I even know some of the longer ones.

ROTFL – Rolling on the floor laughing

ROTFLMAO – Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off.

IMHO – In my humble opinion (Note: Nobody really means “humble”)

IOKIYAR? Never heard of it. So, I looked it up. It means:

It’s OK If You’re A Republican.

That got me to thinking.  Wow, this is a thing that happens so much, has become so pervasive in our world, that people have come up with an Internet shortcut to talk about it. Then I realized it makes perfect sense. The hypocrisy of Republicans has reached levels that were, until the last two years, unimaginable. For any political party. Ever.

The leader of the Senate can deny a sitting President a Supreme Court nominee for more than a year. Not even hold a hearing, yet he tells Democrats they have to be fair to the current nominee and confirm him immediately.

Hypocrite? Sure.


A Congressman, Trey Gowdy, can oversee dozens of investigations into Bengazhi, spending millions of dollars of your tax money to find absolutely nothing.

He can later demand the Mueller investigation be shut down immediately because it costs too much and all the evidence they have found must be turned over to them. Even though the DOJ never ever talks about or gives out information on what they are doing during an open investigation.

If a Democrat tried that, the Republicans would be screaming for their heads.


The current administration is ripping children as young as one-year-old from their parents at the southern border and putting them in “baby jails” while few (if any) Republican Congressmen have anything to say about it.

Beyond shameful?

Yes, but IOKIYAR.

The President of the United States told the world he is a traitor and sides with Russia over his own government. The Republicans said Russia is bad but said nothing about the President who said it.

Beyond shameful?

US President Donald Trump (L) and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin shake hands before attending a joint press conference after a meeting at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki, on July 16, 2018. – The US and Russian leaders opened an historic summit in Helsinki, with Donald Trump promising an “extraordinary relationship” and Vladimir Putin saying it was high time to thrash out disputes around the world. (Photo by Yuri KADOBNOV / AFP) (Photo credit should read YURI KADOBNOV/AFP/Getty Images)



That’s the world we live in. It’s disgusting, immoral, vile, evil and unbelievable.

Every day I throw up a little in my mouth watching the news.  Many times, I’m ashamed to be an American.

So are a lot of other people.


Or as Republicans would say “Why the Fuss?”


AMIBIGUITY – Marilyn Armstrong

The Ambiguity of Our Times

Ambiguity. That’s when you say “I love you,” but pause afterward and think (out loud) that you used to love other people and you don’t love them anymore, so maybe loving you doesn’t really mean very much.

That’s how I feel about “Our Power President.”

He is making America great. Again. Because our previous greatness wasn’t “his” kind of great.

He has solved all our problems, yet somehow, none of them seem solved. But that’s only because the press lies all the time and refuse to admit all the important fixes he has made in the world.

Trump and Putin

Meanwhile, the kids are still living in baby jails. Kim Jun Un has a lot of rockets and no intention of giving them up. Russia is taking over the United States and our Chief Moron doesn’t seem to notice. We are going to be a new — and really BIG — satellite of Russia. Cool!

Russia is very good at taking over other countries. It’s one of their “things.” At one time, they dominated more than half of Europe and were working on Asia and Africa, until the Chinese beat them to it.

We used to be pretty good at it ourselves, but now, we bow and suck up to Putin.

Dave Granlund /

I’d like to know why this is true. What does Putin have on Trump? It can’t just be something sexually embarrassing. It’s got to be something seriously illegal in an international kind of way. Will we ever know what it is?

Thoughts on the matter?



adjective & adverb
spoken or done without preparation.
“extempore public speaking”
synonyms: impromptuspontaneousunscriptedad libextemporaryextemporaneous

So, extempore means spontaneous. Like, when we spontaneously went and bought a pizza for dinner because I didn’t feel like cooking. That’s probably about as spontaneous we get around here.

I’m trying to think of something else we’ve done spontaneously.

I know! We bought a mattress spontaneously — after we realized there was no other reason on earth why our backs were hurting that much. Spontaneity emerged after all other possible solutions were removed. That’s my kind of spontaneity.

And you know what? Our backs don’t hurt nearly as much.

So let’s hear it for “Extempore,” especially after you’ve given it a lot of thought.


I had an interesting conversation with a friend who is 14-years younger than I am. At 54, she is considering an early retirement. Burned out after years of 60-plus-hour weeks at her corporate job and also emotionally drained after nursing her mother through a two-year battle with cancer. Her mother died a few weeks ago.

So the idea of retirement is very appealing to her. She took a week off after her mother’s death.

Now she’s not sure. During that week off, she felt untethered, at loose ends. The lack of structure got to her. She felt so much better when she went back to work! She felt she still needs that regimen to her days. She still needs the sense of accomplishment and achievement, something she usually gets from her job.

I told her that if she feels that way, maybe she’s not ready to retire. The challenge of retirement is to create your own daily structure. You have to create your own goals and give yourself a sense of accomplishment.

That means you have to redefine ‘accomplishment’ and ‘achievement.’ In the corporate world, you are often balls to the wall busy for at least 10-hours a day. Success is defined as getting through your emails or getting the presentation finished on time. This is worlds apart from the life of a retiree.

For me, if I have a few hours of scheduled and/or required activity in a day, it’s a productive day. My friend might, initially, find this difficult. She might see this as a “wasted” day. She will have to change her perspective before she can have a ‘successful’ retirement.

The hardest thing for me is accepting hours of downtime in a day. I still need to give myself permission to read a book or watch a movie during the day. It has taken me years to feel okay about watching TV during the day!

It’s great to spend time playing with the dogs or talking to friends and family on the phone or via texting. These activities may not qualify as an ‘accomplishment’ in the traditional sense, but they are a rewarding part of my life. The goal of my day is to do things I find rewarding and fulfilling.

Add to these things my hours of reading and watching the news, my writing blogs and the numerous things I do for my audio theater group, and my days feel full.

My friend is much more of an outdoorsy, active person than I am. Her definition of a rewarding day would include a walk or a bike ride, gardening, a trip to the beach and maybe some time exercising. It might also include volunteer work, or part-time work, perhaps as an accountant, which was her original career. Whatever she does, she’ll have to redefine the parameters of a ‘successful’ day. That will be harder for her because she needs to feel ‘busy’ most of the time.

I function at a slower pace now. After decades of frenetic busyness, I cherish the ability to no longer have long lists of things I have to do. My lists do still include housework, laundry, running errands and taking care of the other logistics of life. These things can often be the focus of my day. My friend will have to substitute these mundane tasks for the lists of emails and calls she now has to deal with for work.

My husband has taken to retirement like a duck to water. He loves the news and watches MSNBC and reads online for hours a day. He also has a lot more work to do for our audio theater group than I do. Mostly on the computer, which is not my strong suit. So he is ‘busier’ than I am and has longer To Do lists than I do. In addition, he can spend hours and hours playing video games.

Tom is the poster child for retirement. On most days, he doesn’t need to leave the house (or the boat, for six months of the year) to be happy and fulfilled. He occupies himself with activities that bring him pleasure and/or a sense of accomplishment. They may not be your definition of a happy day, but they are his.

That’s the key to a gratifying retirement. Knowing yourself and creating a life that gives you what you need and want. Easier said than done.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Oh so many choices!

Take your pick. Garry actually went out to take some pictures today, but didn’t get as many as usual. First, because he got caught by a fan who was also a photographer and by the time the conversation ended, the sky had darkened considerably. Blue and gray had turned almost black and dark. Rain was coming!

A truck or a mural. An octopus, whale, or a rich color of blue. Or, for that matter, water! It’s going to be a very rewarding experience I’m sure!

I find I have no whales or octopi. I’ve very good on trucks and while I lack any murals, I do have some mosaics. And I’m totally sure I’ve got a plethora of blue.

Photo: Garry Armstrong – Two trucks doing road repair. Actually not doing anything, but in theory, road repair.

Photo: Garry Armstrong – Trucks in downtown Douglas

It’s a mosaic because we don’t have any murals. But it’s an old one and it’s all about shearing sheep and marketing the wool. The best of Uxbridge!

Blue spiderwort

A very blue counter in an old Mendon diner