AMIBIGUITY – Marilyn Armstrong

The Ambiguity of Our Times

Ambiguity. That’s when you say “I love you,” but pause afterward and think (out loud) that you used to love other people and you don’t love them anymore, so maybe loving you doesn’t really mean very much.

That’s how I feel about “Our Power President.”

He is making America great. Again. Because our previous greatness wasn’t “his” kind of great.

He has solved all our problems, yet somehow, none of them seem solved. But that’s only because the press lies all the time and refuse to admit all the important fixes he has made in the world.

Trump and Putin

Meanwhile, the kids are still living in baby jails. Kim Jun Un has a lot of rockets and no intention of giving them up. Russia is taking over the United States and our Chief Moron doesn’t seem to notice. We are going to be a new — and really BIG — satellite of Russia. Cool!

Russia is very good at taking over other countries. It’s one of their “things.” At one time, they dominated more than half of Europe and were working on Asia and Africa, until the Chinese beat them to it.

We used to be pretty good at it ourselves, but now, we bow and suck up to Putin.

Dave Granlund /

I’d like to know why this is true. What does Putin have on Trump? It can’t just be something sexually embarrassing. It’s got to be something seriously illegal in an international kind of way. Will we ever know what it is?

Thoughts on the matter?

14 thoughts on “AMIBIGUITY – Marilyn Armstrong

      • My thought is actually probably the reverse of money laundering — he needs more money to continue operation/construction/loan servicing on his buildings — borrowed it from Russia but can’t pay it back?


        • It’s massive money laundering with the head of the Russian Mafia in the US. The head who is #1 on the FBI’s most wanted list. His headquarters is a social club in little Russia in Brooklyn that was until very recently co-owned by Michael Cohen. Trumps fixer. You can’t make this shit up.

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        • He’s earning that money doing something evil. Selling young girls as slaves. Drugs. Murder for hire. Gotta be something really BAD because a sex scandal wouldn’t even make it into the news these days.


  1. Maybe Trump is a ‘man out of time’??? Like Van Gogh … or Tesla? And we just don’t understand his mighty wisdom? It’s beyond us? (It’s sure beyond me).
    So if Putin suddenly changes and become a human being – instead of the vile thug that he’s been up till now – then I will applaud this wisdom.
    But …
    Maybe he’s just an idiot.


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