Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Oh so many choices!

Take your pick. Garry actually went out to take some pictures today, but didn’t get as many as usual. First, because he got caught by a fan who was also a photographer and by the time the conversation ended, the sky had darkened considerably. Blue and gray had turned almost black and dark. Rain was coming!

A truck or a mural. An octopus, whale, or a rich color of blue. Or, for that matter, water! It’s going to be a very rewarding experience I’m sure!

I find I have no whales or octopi. I’ve very good on trucks and while I lack any murals, I do have some mosaics. And I’m totally sure I’ve got a plethora of blue.

Photo: Garry Armstrong – Two trucks doing road repair. Actually not doing anything, but in theory, road repair.

Photo: Garry Armstrong – Trucks in downtown Douglas

It’s a mosaic because we don’t have any murals. But it’s an old one and it’s all about shearing sheep and marketing the wool. The best of Uxbridge!

Blue spiderwort

A very blue counter in an old Mendon diner

7 thoughts on “CEE’S FUN PHOTO CHALLENGE: TRUCKS WITH SOME BLUE – Garry & Marilyn Armstrong

    • We usually have anywhere from five to seven guys. Three are smoking cigarettes and talking about The Game. Another couple are just leaning on their shovels, gazing into the distance. IF we are lucky, one guy is working. One or none.

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      • The “fan interruption” annoyed me today. He was a nice guy but I was focused on a pic theme and lost my thoughts after the lengthy conversation. I still gotta be nice to the folks who remember me. Never forget.


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