THE ARRANGEMENT – Marilyn Armstrong

FOWC with Fandango — Arrangement

This is one of “those words” which means so many things on so many levels it is hard to know exactly where to start.

Most typically, in my world, it is “common parlance” for a couple whose marriage isn’t going well, but who would prefer to avoid a divorce. Often, it is because they are also in business or share other important interests and a divorce would distract the world from whatever else they do.

Rich people have an arrangement. Poor people simply can’t afford the divorce.

I always thought that Bill and Hillary had an arrangement, that they agreed to continue working and living together and the deal was that they remain discreet, not humiliate one another, and keep their eyes on the importance of the work they were doing. I think Bill screwed that up and Hillary never forgave him for that.

I suspect this is the situation with many high-powered political couples. I can’t prove it, but I would be surprised to discover I’m wrong.

An arrangement isn’t inherently a bad thing. Often, the work a couple does together is more important than whether or not one or both of them is entirely faithful to the formal marriage bond. There are also couples who never bought into monogamy, so their marriage was an arrangement from the beginning.

But arrangement means other things. Spying is an arrangement. Treason is an arrangement. Most forms of corruption are an arrangement and often, an extremely complex arrangement involving many people across a vast network. It is why when such an arrangement starts to crumble, it is a shock to see exactly how many people were involved, either at the fat or short end of the deal.

Last night on Colbert (with Jake Tapper as the guest), there was much talk of “why” so many Republicans are still trying to “sell” Trump. Regardless, barring an actual putsch in our government, DJT is OUT by 2024, if he doesn’t die of hardened arteries first.

CNN’s Jake Tapper pointed out presumably these same people intend to have a career after 45 is gone. How do they expect anyone to have any faith in them?

My answer? The money. Follow the money. Trump has been laundering Russian money for a long time and there’s a lot of money involved. He is not the only one who has been “on the take.” Maybe they think if they steal enough money, they can buy faith? They’ve done it before, after all.

I’m willing to bet that many of these other Republicans have gotten their portion of the dirty money. They aren’t protecting Trump. They are trying to protect themselves, too.

I hope we get to hear every last detail of the story.

Washington is a carefully arranged town. How much money have they stolen? How much of it has been used to turn our country into a place I don’t even recognize?

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

5 thoughts on “THE ARRANGEMENT – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. Mince (a much nicer word than….. or s.hit) – I wrote a thoughtful comment on HH’s iPad (sadly a good but rather well aged model) and at the end of my pondering it just went BLACK…. and sucked in the whole of my thoughts into that black hole…. When, for once, I was being really thoughtful! That was 2 days ago, late in the night and I was in no mood to start all over….

    Anyway, if it weren’t for Stephen Colbert’s late show videos I eagerly watch ‘the day after’, I would have even less of an idea about your country’s state. I have family and dear friends in many countries, incl the not so great anymore States of A. With our English friends we worry over Brexit, with you guys over your orange clown, and although I’d claim to be a totally apolitical citizen, I realise that for a ‘non political animal’ I have a very well formed catalogue of opinions, readings, newsletters, blogs and so on. And although I would never dare to voice or impose my views on your country, I still do an awful lot of sighing and even more reading/viewing of all the stuff you go through. To me, Colbert is THE PERSON to go to, he’s highly intelligent, has a terrifying sense of humour or else he couldn’t do his job evening after evening, he invites and speaks to really interesting and opinionated people and the Jake Trapper talk asked to be ‘liked’ a hundred times at least. I didn’t know the first thing about this man but in 2 days I’ve listened to him on YT anything I could find – he’s an impressive, honest and straight-forward thinking man. Actually, I often think your country needs people like him wahayyyy more than you need a ‘you know who’….
    So, sadly, you just might be right again, with your money ‘story’. Am still sick after reading what T promised the Scots for allowing him to use a huge nature’s reserve for a gold course plus…. Only the ‘plus’ so far wasn’t implemented, and the environmentalists scream murder for having allowed him to go ahead in the first place – either they are total idiots too, you don’t allow these guys to promise anything at all on a stretch of land that should be left untouched (again, the power and attraction of money…. spent and gained) or they didn’t read the small writing on the contract papers. (It’s the US Guardian, shall try to find the link and send it separately)….


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