You can’t say we weren’t warned

Or, as I and every other person who understands that this is NOT a witch hunt and that Donald Trump has not colluded — what he has done is called TREASON. And if you do not vote, you are complicit in that treason. Get this treasonous Russian patsy out of office. Before it’s too late.


One of the pleasures of my morning commute is to listen to comedian-activist Stephanie Miller’s radio show on Sirius XM (Progress). She often begins with a review of whatever shenanigans Putin’s Poodle (PP) has fouled the White House with overnight.

She seldom has been left hanging, from the continued assaults on the the First Amendment, the Fourth Amendment — hell, most of the Amendments outside the Second Amendment, which is the one the president thinks will save him when his base comes out roaring and armed to keep him in power.

It’s a sad fact that PP’s hopes have been reduced to a complicit Congressional Republican majority, and a deplorable base. And there’s a good chance that come November, the first of those hopes will be voted out of office.

But this is the life we chose, as the mobster said to his protégé in “The Godfather II.”

We can…

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3 thoughts on “You can’t say we weren’t warned

  1. Wish you on this message . . .really hope that this autumn all democrats and all those ‘floaters’ get out and vote. I also hope that republicans with any common sense, morals or love for your country do the same but vote for change!


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