BUT MY HAIR LOOKS GREAT! – Marilyn Armstrong

Much to my shock and delight, my granddaughter and her mom went and picked up groceries and a prescription for us today. Wow! And then they came back and Kaity dyed my hair, then trimmed it.

The last time she trimmed it was the end of January 2016. In between, I snipped a little off here and there when it got especially ragged and lately it had grown quite long. Which is often the result of not cutting my hair for a year-and-a-half.

Kaitlin felt strongly that I shouldn’t have cut my own hair. Self-cut-hair is, as she put it, a hack job. I pointed out that I had several times — like maybe more than several times — suggested she could trim it, but she hadn’t. She was sure it was just a few months ago that she cut it, but since it was more than mid-back length, that was not likely. My hair doesn’t grow that fast.

She pointed out that no one “had ever called her dependable.”

I agreed. I certainly had never said anything like that.

In June, I had bought dye for my hair. Called “vanilla white,” it’s basically white and ashy. I was hoping it would pull the yellow out of my hair. Our well water is full of iron and it turns my hair yellow, no matter what I do.Β  I hadn’t found any way to get the yellow out of my hairΒ or remove the iron from the water since it appears to be part of the earth.

Amazingly, the color did the job. The hair came out a nice, even white.

Then she trimmed off about 3-1/2-inches of my hair.

I went into the “long-haired woman-after-a-haircut” shock. It happens every time I get my hair cut. Even when it’s a half-an-inch trim, I go into shock. This was quite a bit of what is left of my hair, but to be fair, it needed cutting. It looks thicker and healthier when it is a bit shorter.

It’s still long enough to tie back, but it’s not long anymore. It looks fuller and the color is improved. And it will grow. Presumably.

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  1. Awww, when I saw “dye” I was waiting to see you with blue or purple or pink hair!


    • I was looking at it last night and I realized that it is slightly darker than it was before … a little “creamier” in color and less “dead white.” I actually had considered some strange color, but my hair, under the white, carries a strong red (carrot) tint and I never know what color is going to show up. I can turn into a carrot-top faster than you can say carrot-top and I HATE that look. It’s so NOT me.


  2. Looks good from what I can see- now show us a real photo Marilyn!


  3. I’m forever snipping at my locks… Thankfully, my stylist is a magician and never complains when she has to fix me up every three or four months. πŸ™‚ xo


    • I don’t really have a hairdresser anymore. When we moved out here, everyone I used to go to was too far away — and too expensive. So, wen I can get her to do it, my granddaughter snips me. Otherwise, I just let it grow. Which isn’t too awful, mostly.


  4. From the picture that you have, I’d say your cut and colour was a great success! Can’t wait to see a pic of you that shows how lovely you truly look! πŸ™‚


  5. Years ago I saw a video on youtube about cutting your own hair. I’ve been doing the same for many years. My daughter hates when I do it, but I can’t get around to find someone that’s good. The quick-chop shops are just that. I can do that without paying $40.00 thank you very much. Then I found a woman who comes to your house. $40.00 ouch. But she did a great job and my hair also looks thicker. I can now style it a bit as it’s just ear length now not shoulder length. My hair (was lilac) and the dye finally came out and it’s a very shiny silver. I like it. I’ll get a perm when I can afford it, that’s $80.00 and well christmas is coming and I’m planning on making everyone jewelry. shshsh don’t tell that part. I’m guessing I won’t be getting my perm any time soon. But like you, it was a shock at first. I’m growing accustomed to it now though. πŸ™‚ Aren’t we a pair! lol. Loving it!


    • My hair looks good short when there was more of it, but it’s SO thin now, you layer it and it’s not really THERE. The dye actually helps and makes it feel a bit thicker. I also really hate having my hair blowing around, so I need to be able to tie it up.

      We have a local chop shop that only charges $15 (plus tip, so call it $20) … but you never know if it’s going to look any good when they finish. Sometimes, it comes out fine … but the rest of the time, ye gods, what a mess. I’d rather just let it grow than pay people to mangle it.


      • I know. These corner $15.00 job places are usually crap. You can go to the college and get a nooby hair cutter do a better job of it. Years ago we tried one and this young woman was so amazing she was snapped up and ended up down town where the elite roam. Can’t say as I blame her for going, she was truly gifted and brilliant. She cut a style that so suited your face you looked like a model when she was done.


        • We don’t have any schools near us. We are too far out in the country. But I’ve been mangled there, too. These days, I just prefer to avoid getting mangled. Location doesn’t matter. I’d rather not get any cut at all then let someone ruin what’s remaining of my hair.


  6. I haven’t been to a hairdresser in years, but I did do a hack-job on my hair about a year ago that looked halfway decent. My hair was down to my butt and needed cutting. I dunno, I just got tired of keeping it long. It’s a hassle. So I cut it. Bam! And now it’s getting long again. I hate going to any place that cuts hair because they always want to style it or “layer” it. My hair is fine (thin), and the stylist usually assumes I want body. >_< And I'm all: I like my hair just the way it is, just cut it the way it is, but shorter… How hard is that to understand?


    • Well, when it’s THAT long, you can always grab it, pull it in front of you and hack it off. That’s what I was doing. To Kaity’s semi-professional eye, anything WE do is a hack job, but most hairdressers can’t seem to cope with the concept of “blunt cut.” If you layer my hair, it’s like spider webs. It is also extremely thin. I think this is part of what being sick does to hair. I’ve been in and out of surgery and sick with something or other for so long, my hair took a serious hit. At least I still HAVE some. For a while, I wasn’t sure I would.


  7. Mar, I think your hair came out really nice, to be honest. The color looks great and the cut is perfect for you. You look better with “shorter” hair. It looks fuller, thicker and healthier. I love long hair too, but I just can’t keep it, my hair is too thin. You look MAHHHHHVALOUS woman!! =)


    • My hair has also gotten very thin and a little longer than chin length looks better than longer. But since Kaity never seemed to be in the mood to trim it, i just let it grow. At least when it’s long, I can get it out of the way!


  8. I am well overdue for a hair cut too. My hair is thick and grows fast so I really need to have it cut every 6-8 weeks but that rarely ever happens. Right now my front hair which I like to comb back is getting so long that it keeps flopping over my forehead and I too hate hair on my face. I usually get it cut when I go to Hobart even though there are several local hairdressers including one in Geeveston. I don’t like making appointments though, the place I go in the city which I’ve been using since 2002 doesn’t require them so I can just do it when I have the time but lately I haven’t been going to Hobart much so I may have to seek out one of the locals or I will be taking to my fringe with scissors and I will as Kaity says make a hack job out of it.


  9. I am also due for a haircut but cannot do it myself. I have a good hairdresser in town, she is the only one I have ever had that knows how I want it to look. Surptingly I still have some of my natural colour st the tips, otherwise it is grey.


    • Mine is all white and has been for almost a decade. But before it was white, it was gray with a little leftover color. I let my hair grow long because tying it up is easier than styling it and I don’t trust hairdressers. They just want to cut it all off. Kaity at least knows that I want it long enough to tie up. Especially in the summer, I hate hair all over my face and stuck in my glasses.

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