“The media always lies,” she said and I cringed.

Then, I got angry. Why do people believe a president who has never told the truth about anything while failing to believe the fact-based truth?

I’m not talking about “ultimate” truth or the meaning of life or faith. I’m talking about things that can be proven with evidence, science. Stuff caught on tape. Printed, heard, overheard, and to which testimony has been given.

I really hate it when I hear that cliché – “The media doesn’t tell the truth. They always lie.”

It demeans all the passion and belief I put into more than 40-years as a working reporter. Moreover, it demeans the careers of so many others who give their lives in pursuit of the truth. Many, literally died in pursuit of the truth.

Photo: USA Today

I am not romanticizing my career. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve gotten it wrong. It happens when you’re covering multiple stories a day, 5 to 7 days a week. With deadlines breathing down your neck.

I always tried to clarify mistakes by accepting my culpability up front and being clear with viewers. There were many days when I hated what I had to do. Usually, it was in pursuit of a truth which would be ugly, demanding, tedious — and require a good deal of soul-searching. The truth isn’t simple, or black and white. Despite what you usually see on television or in movies about reporters, there aren’t many clear “wins.”

The old days

Often, we’re lambasted for telling the truth by the same folks who call us liars. Jack Nicholson’s “You can’t handle the truth” line should be crayoned on the skulls of those who insist the media always lies. Those critics are the same pilgrims who gobble up the crap proffered by the current White House Tenant who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him.

Truth is a foreign language to him. I suspect he actually believes the nonsense he spouts. To make a lie “sound true,” you first have to convince yourself it is true. If you do this for enough years, eventually you don’t even remember what the truth used to be.

I fervently wish that the people who belittle media and law enforcement spend some time, real-time — like 24/7 — on the streets. The real streets, not their cozy neighborhood. They might discover that life without the public relations filters is a different place.

They might see our world in three dimensions and begin to look for reality instead of accepting whatever propaganda or other gobbledygook is being dumped in their biased, insulated worlds. Maybe some of them would even consider (gasp) reading something.

Finally, I’m proud of what I did for a living. For 40 plus years, I fought to tell the truth.

It was a privilege.

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  1. This is covered by their insurance, partially because it is a disability of the cleft. He’s had multiple surgeries and is still not right inside his mouth. But he’s a trooper.


    • My granddaughter was born with a club foot. A really bad one. And THAT has been covered by insurance. But HEARING is NOT covered by insurance. Hearing aids are never covered … except for the implant, which IS covered. It doesn’t make any sense, either.


  2. I was SURE I had commented on your article Garry…. I feel very bad for all the honest journalists, reporters, writers who get smeared constantly. For those who get barred from even being able to sit in with others in those ‘holy’ places where history is being written and discussed BECAUSE they write what they see and believe. It’s downright saddening. I wondered if your hearing went to hell because you heard too much and too many lies?!
    Anyway, that’s what my father used to say when we asked him: Why don’t you wear your hearing aid? He said he was glad for everything he didn’t have to hear because it was hardly ever anything worthwhile….


    • This is a reblog, so you probably DID comment on it a few months ago when it first ran.
      Garry considers it deeply insulting. I am very glad he isn’t working anymore. This whole thing would totally kill him.

      Garry was hard of hearing from childhood. His middle brother is also quite deaf, yet the youngest brother has perfect hearing. His mother had one good ear, one bad one and his father was quite deaf. Many people just find hearing aids uncomfortable. They ARE uncomfortable.

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      • My grandson was born with a cleft palate and has hearing issues because of it. It was all inside damage so on the outside he looks perf ed ctly normal. snyway, He Just Gor Fitted With Aids that RESEMBKE earbuds. They’re connected to a phone


  3. It’s the domestic abuser writ large, trying to isolate his victim (his voting base) from every source of information but himself and his sycophants. Everyone else is a liar and out to get him, the poor misunderstood guy, the stable genius.


    • Every time Garry sees Trump (or anything about him) on the news, he gets all red in the face and I can just SEE how badly he wants to start to throw things. Garry is such a logical thinker, he cannot fathom how ANYONE can believe that asshole. Frankly, neither can I. All I can figure is that we are a terribly ignorant, stupid, and foolhardy group of people in this country. Put stupid and ignorant at the top of the list.

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