WHISPERING – Marilyn Armstrong

RDP#59 – The Whisper In Your Ear

The day before the earthquake hit San Francisco in 1989, I decided I needed to go home a day early. I wasn’t feeling well (I actually had the flu, but didn’t yet know it) and most of my work was done for the moment. It was like a little whisper in my ear telling me it was time to leave.

Had I not left, I’d have been one of the many crushed cars on the road between San Francisco and Oakland.


My boss in 2001 was supposed to fly to Los Angeles on September 11th. For some reason, a little whisper in his ear said “Cancel the trip. Go another day.”

The plane on which he had been booked crashed into one of the towers in New York.


There are all those little whispers out of nowhere. They tell us what to do. They tell us what to avoid. Listen to those whispers.

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  1. we are all connected to different things, for different reasons. Some say, well, it’s just marshgas, but we know better. I dreamt i was going to have an operation to remove my heart: turned out i had the operation, but it was for a benign cyst, about where we think the heart is. My image of the hospital (which I had never seen in real life) was exact.

    A year or two ago I had a vision of a friend of mine being beaten to death. I emailed him and said, stay away from arguments in bars for a few days. (he tends to wade in with his mouth going). He promised, and said he actually left a bar that next night because a fight broke out.

    We dream. A month or a year later we see something that seems familair, and we shrug and say, ‘deja vu.” not. We dreamt it, and a bit of it happened. We dream, and pay attention. That’s the difference.


    • I think we have a lot of capabilities we don’t understand. I think a lot of miracles are things we did to ourselves, but we don’t know how we did it. But then again, what do I know? Maybe it IS marsh gas.


  2. Thank you for the well-written reminder.


  3. Sometime you have to listen to that whisper in the ear.


  4. As a child, I woke twice in tears because I had been dreaming that a person died. Both times my parents sat in the kitchen, crying because they heard that the very person I dreamed about had passed away. I spoke in great details about ‘what I saw’ and it was exactly as I saw it…. spookey – other times I felt I had to phone a person I had no longer any contact at exactly the moment that very person needed very badly the presence and help of me (not very flattering really as it was HER who dumped me many years ago). That happened twice – with the same person and several times with members of my family too. I once had a ‘nightmare’ that my ex had died and I wasn’t even informed about his passing nor invited to the funeral. The next day a Swiss friend phoned me and told me – in passing – that she had a very short night because (as you surely already know) ….. and then a whole story emerged of him effectively having nearly died and having had somebody bringing him to ER ‘just in time’. This after I had already been remarried for over 15 years!


    • When my first husband died, I knew it two states away. When my father died, I knew that, too. I think that’s a quite common experience. Nobody can explain it, yet it is so common that I think someday they will figure out how.

      Dogs can talk mentally to each other. I’ve watched them and it’s obvious. I don’t think the conversation is very complicated, but they to have some degree of ESP. Cats too. Probably most animals and probably people. We’ve created language, so we have somehow lost that capability, but I think we had it. I bet some people still do.

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      • I always knew that dogs can feel much more than we gave them credit for. In my ‘former life’ (before divorce) our dear lttle dachsie was BEST FRIEND and comforter to ALL OF US – nothing a human being could be.
        I have this inner connection with one sister of mine. She dosn’t but I always know her state of health and feelings…. it’s scary sometimes, a blessing and a curse. I just try to take the blessing parts and leave the rest ….


  5. In my case it’s not a Whispering but either a ‘dream’ which isn’t a dream or a ‘feeling’ to which I did or didn’t listen. When I didn’t, it hit home in ways I could afterwards only describe as ‘you had known to do it/you were warned’…. And yep, I’m still paying the price for the times I didn’t listen to that inner voice/feeling…. I firmly believe in it. No discussion needed for me.


  6. OMG – These stories gave me goose bumps!


    • And both are true. I remember watching the Bay Bridge collapse — because we were watching the World Series — and saying “That’s the Bay Bridge. The Bridge I’ve been driving across every day for the past three weeks.” And calling Herb, hearing him ANSWER (phew) and him saying “Something just told me to not fly today, so I called and rescheduled.” Yes, weird. But also very lucky.


  7. Where is the whisperer that should tell me not to do something, otherwise I will fall. Yes, he is missing in my life.


  8. listening to that whisper, that still small voice of intuition very important! Trust that voice!


  9. Er, you meant of course 2001 didn’t you, about the trip on 9/11? Or was it in 2011 and there was some horrific accident you avoided by not going? Sorry. Editor in me gets up now and again, it should just go to sleep!

    Me? We call those sorts of whisperings “promptings’ in my flavor of religion and believe it is the Holy Ghost whispering to us. The trick, in my opinion, is knowing when such a thing is indeed a prompting and not just our common sense or our own mind telling us something because we either really want to do it or we don’t.

    How interesting! I’m glad you listened on both occasions!


    • Thanks. I got to thinking elevenses. I was born on an eleven, too, so I can get overly enthusiastic about the number.

      I’ve always thought that those whispers were some proof of god. My overall issue is WHICH god. I’m not sure there’s a difference. I think all gods are ONE god and we are all gods too because a piece of god is in each of us. Since this doesn’t agree with anything except maybe Zen, I shut up about it.

      I’ve gotten a lot of strange messages and the occasional vision. I shut up about them, too, because they don’t really blend well with my overall skepticism. But who said we have to be consistent? Not me!

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