A Photo a Week Challenge: Neglected

Once upon a time, we had hedges and a garden. Now we have a wild place with wild and running-amok flowers … and the forsythia hedge from hell which is planning to overrun the house. It might just succeed this time!

An attempt at taming

Photo: Garry Armstrong

You can see that not only is the hedge enormous — 10 to 12 feet tall — but it too is being overrun by wild grape vines.

And the shed is about to fall down …

Overall, I think the house is getting serious about falling down, too. But not this week. Just … eventually.

You think the plants are a little out of control?

10 thoughts on “NEGLECTED – THE SAD TALE OF OUR USED-TO-WAS-GARDENS – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. We don’t have a gardener, but we do have a tenant who barters gardening (or at least keeping the blackberries and tansy in check) for part of their rent. So while our little patch of land is looking ragged, it’s not completely out of control. I like a bit of raggedness.


  2. We had two blue spruce cut down this spring and it cost an arm and a leg. They must have been over 40′ tall and drop so much sap and cones and there was a real danger they would come down in a wind storm like we had later this spring.


    • That’s why I want to get those saplings down before they become serious trees. It’s bizarre. There were NONE of them last year and now there must be at least a dozen hardy 7 or 8-foot tall sassafras along the edge of the driveway. Everything is is some kind of super growth spurt. Making up for lost time after the endless winter?

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  3. Na….. it’s just a WILD GARDEN, that’s all.
    Our is a prairie. Brown, speckled with weeds who bizarrly grow although they too have no water…. our hedges are totally out of control and can’t be put right as long as the plants in front of them are still trying to hold on to dear life. IThey’l need serious ladder climbing and more than just a light trim. And we too have those orange delicate flowers growing evrywhere they like. I love it!!!

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    • Those orange daylilies are originally from India. Exactly HOW they migrated everywhere on earth is a good question. Birds? Boats? But they do seem to grow on every continent and they are the ONLY flower I can really depend on. Otherwise, it’s total chaos out there! My son is tall, but these days, not tall enough!

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