From sparksfromacombustiblemind come some questions. And since I don’t have any other brilliant thoughts, I figured I’d answer them!

I want to start out by answering the big question of the month for this household.

How is Garry doing?

Garry is fine for a guy recently out of surgery. The pain is past, but the imbalance is not. This is a common side effect of surgery to ears because that’s where our little gyroscope is.

Looking pretty good

That gyroscope is the thing that lets us keep our balance. He will regain balance eventually. I’m hoping sooner rather than later, but what will be will be.

He isn’t writing much because part of the lack of balance is linked to him having trouble finding the keys on the keyboard. This too shall pass.

So Garry isn’t driving and is uncomfortable on the stairs. I’d rather he not do anything that would cause him to fall, so basically, we aren’t doing much. Visitors are welcome, but we are not traveling.

Have you ever been in a food fight?

Do you count trying to feed a one-year-old baby?

How do you deliver bad news?

Simply. Because bad news doesn’t get better when you make it more complicated and a lot of sighing, moaning, and crying probably makes it worse.

What (if anything) do you think is beyond the stars?

I would guess more stars.

What “redneck” (unsophisticated) activity do you like to do?

I’m not sure what I do is particularly sophisticated, unless reading, writing, and taking pictures are sophisticated. I also think, but I used to believe that this was one of the privileges of being a human. Apparently, I was wrong about that.

I still eat, sleep, use the bathroom. I scrub the floor just like the rest of the world. No house cleaners, yachts, or fancy cars. Not that I would mind having any of the aforementioned, mind you. I just can’t afford them.

Is there a scary scene from a movie (or book) you viewed a child that still haunts you?

Nope. Not much of a scary movie watcher. Probably because if I watched those movies, the scenes would bother me.

If I don’t watch them, no problem.

Last (rock trivia courtesy of Glyn), which true to form I won’t answer.  I wanna see if anyone (besides Glyn) knows the answer:

Seal’s ‘Kiss From A Rose’ was the theme from which film? 

Batman Forever?


Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

36 thoughts on “THE UNOFFICIAL SHARING MY WORLD – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. Life, it is a slow, day by day process. My energy level is VERY low. Typing is difficult, I keep hitting wrong keys — even with my usual steady, two finger method. There are things I’ve been warned about: Keep your mouth open when you sneeze. So, I’ve sneezed, blown my nose and it’s felt like my head exploded! Oy, the pain!! It’s happened several times. The headaches LINGER. I have great painkillers but have been judicious in using them for obvious reasons. Must remember to keep mouth open. Balance is a major issue – walking. Walking slowly up and downstairs. Carrying garbage out to cans. The most trivial things are major because of the balance thing. I haven’t wanted to drive because of my slowed reaction time. Hearing is still an issue. I use a headset to watch TV at times. But, it’s for my “good” ear. The surgered ear is protected with bandages when I have the headset on to protect the sensitive left ear. So, the volume of the headset is less than usual because of how I have the headset angled. The surgered ear is still very sore. Marilyn cleans it gently every day. My first post op eval is on the 6th. I’ll be interested in what they tell me. Our barking furry kids sometimes are a bit much…watching beisbol is my best r/x.

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      1. @Garry; EASY does it. You had ‘major surgery’ – major as in IT’S IN/at YOUR HEAD, close to your brain, to your eyes, nose, mouth… of course it hurts terribly. It’s in a way like toothache, which must be close to the worst terror as it also affects the whole head…. So go gently, PLEASE, take everybody’s advice, try to go along what Marilyn decides in her gentle ways to make you better…. I’m not sure if you’re into meditating; I’m just now starting to consider learning it… but if you do/can, do it. Think of the price: You will hear, for the first time in a very long time – you will find your balance; I’m sure, but it does take time, of course it does. Be patient. Thinking of you…. daily! And of your darling wife too, of course! 🙂


    1. Tish, thank you. I keep thinking of Ronald Reagan’s line when he was host of the “G.E. Theater” on TV. Dutch’s line: “Progress….is our most important product”.

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      1. Nice one! You keep up the good work, and while I know it’s cruel to nag a good man when he’s not quite himself, maybe you might spend some of your healing time thinking about writing your memoirs.


        1. @Sue: I tried to check it out too as I only know kinky and I gathered it def. wouldn’t be ‘that’….. 😉
          My best liked online dictionary (I need it for ‘transformation of German to E/ G to F/ and the reverse order of all of them) is and it said: Sorry, we haven’t found anything on ‘hinky’ – but I did find a discussion on a forum – not encouraging really….
          BUT I was happy to have learned something new.


          1. It is never easy to get a good definition on a colloquialism… but I gathered from Marilyn’s earlier post that Garry is through the surgery and recovering, albeit slowly. That’s good enough news for me 🙂

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    1. Squirrel: Scary movies: I still recall being scared by the ’53 version of “House of Wax” in Warnercolor and 3D. Saw it 1st run with Mom. The first time you see Vinnie Price (He told me I could call him “Vinnie”) with his real disfigured face, I almost jumped outta my seat. I “liked” the big chested ladies with their 3-D bouncing boobies. Mom just gave me that “look”. I loved those cheezy 3-D glasses.

      The last flick that scared me was “Jurrassic Park”. Those pouncing T-rexes made me yell and, again, almost jump outta my favorite living room chair. The family laughed at me.


  1. So happy for seeing Garry feeling well, or at least better. Happy for you too.
    That’s terrible about a total lack of communication in your hospital. Or maybe I’m just naive.
    Scary movie moments?! I watched Sleeping with my enemy and haven’t gotten over it, 20 years later. I don’t watch anything scary, life is scary enough….
    Kisses for the needy ones. If not, for the dogs 🙂

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    1. I think this hospital is only a little worse than others. Getting a doctor on the phone, unless it’s your family doc, has been hopeless my whole life. Mind you, they tell you to call is A, B, or C happens. You can try, but they NEVER put you through. NEVER give the doctor a message that you called. Doctors are heavily protected by layers of secretaries and administrators and robots. The ONLY way you can get through is to drive there when you know the doctor has clinic hours (and that’s just once a week on Fridays)

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    2. Kiki, thank you. It’s a slow, tedious, remembering post op do’s and dont’s. Very low energy. I really appreciate all of you who’ve been checking in on me.

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  2. I enjoy these little tidbits of insight into your life. It’s wonderful. Really glad to know Garry is better. The balance thing is problematic, but once that settles down, life can return to “normal”. Delighted you’re coping well. Too hot to bother about much, it’s summer. Time to kick back and relax.

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    1. Covert, thank so much. Yeah, the balance thing is very, very tedious. I reckon I’ve slowed down to a Walter Brennan gait to make sure I can get from here to there. Gotta remember to keep mouth open when I feel a sneeze coming on. AH-CHOO!


      1. Oh, I wondered what that was about. and lol at Walter Brennan gait. I remember that well. Watched his movies as a kid. SO loved him. He was such a delight! Glad to hear your on the mend, that’s good news indeed! Hopefully the hearing won’t be far behind. I imagine in part it has to do with inflammation?


    2. I’m coping. Garry’s not a huge burden, really. He doesn’t almost everything himself anyway, but he’s finding the limitations difficult and sometimes, he forgets. Some things — like how you sneeze — are so instinctive, it’s difficult to remember to do it differently. But he is getting better and it takes time. The older we get, the longer it takes, too and we are not any kind of spring chickens.

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      1. That’s true, we aren’t, me included. I never thought about the quote unquote “normal” activities that might have to change. Does that include coughing? I bet he gets a pointed reminder when it’s wrong. Like an injured knee for eg. you have to learn to walk different.


  3. Marilyn: You were right about the rock trivia question….good one! Garry looks like he’s feeling a bit better, well I thought so any way until I read the comments. Maybe you should post a sign about the whole sneezing/open mouth thing. I bet that hurts!! Ow. And his balance? Will improve as the ear heals. I had a neighbor for a few years that had some kind of degeneration of the crystals inside his ears..those things (apparently) don’t grow back either. So he was permanently off balance and he and his wife had quite the time adapting. Here’s to speedy healing!!

    P.S. I thought, glancing at the first photo you shared, that the shirt read “Property of MARILYN”. Um. My eyes might need a reset or something…..thought it was kinda cute actually though.


    1. It is cute, just differently cute. I’ve had a really bad day and I can’t deal with anything right now. Resignation from the human race seems a perfect idea right now. I hear it’s difficult to do because I gather lots of other people sometimes feel like this. I suppose I’ll just have to get over me.


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