I love glass and almost anything made from glass. So it’s no surprise that over the years, I’ve bought and inherited a number of glass lamps and chandeliers.

Here is my collection.

Mid Century Modern standing lamp from the 1960’s



Of the period Tiffany style lamp shades


Antique Lamp


Mid Century Modern Sculptural lamp


Recent purchase


old-fashioned pair


Mid Century Modern

12 thoughts on “GLASS LAMPS – BY ELLIN CURLEY”

    1. I went on a mid century modern kick when I was redecorting the house a few years ago! I found a terrific store that specialized in mid century modern and I bought up the store. I got a lot of my paperweights and glass bowls and vases there too.


    1. The Tiffany style glass shades were my mother’s and are quite old. The green ones were made in a factory down the street from the Tiffany company and used the Tiffany techniques and styles. So they are of the period but not nmade at the Tiffany plant.


  1. Wow, beautiful! I also love glass but am partial to Cobalt. I feel so lucky to live in Chihuly country. and

    And this may seem like an unrelated topic but one of the last things on my Bucket List is a long beach combing session at Glass Beach in Northern California.,_California)

    Not your gorgeous lamps but maybe they once were!


    1. I am partial to sea glass in jewelry. I also used sea glass in a mobile in my kitchen and sea glass is embedded in my kitchen table. So you can combine beautiful glass and the ocean.


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