A SPIRAL OF CHANGE – Marilyn Armstrong

Ragtime Daily Prompt #67 – SPIRAL

Last night, I found myself staying up very late — much too late — to watch the end of the final game in the Yankees-Red Sox 4-game matchup. Garry had gone to bed.

When he went to bed, the Yankees were winning 4 – 1 and it looked like they were going to win at least that final game in the series. I wasn’t so sure. I figured I would get to the bedroom and Garry would be watching it.

Wrong. He was sound asleep.

What happened to us? He’s asleep … and I’m up way later than I should have been watching baseball? When did we switch roles?

The Sox and the Yankees are one of those classic sports rivalries that always brings out the crowds. This year, our Red Sox are playing brilliantly which no one expected, least of all, us. They just keep winning.

Andrew Benintendi after hitting the winning single for the Red Sox at Fenway Park early Monday. Credit Adam Glanzman-Getty Images

When Garry went to bed after the end of the 7th inning. For you non-baseball types, a standard game is nine innings and typically lasts three to four hours. Since games can’t end in a tie, occasionally, they go on a lot longer by which time the stadium is empty and the announcers are asleep.

A 1908 recording of “Take me out to the ball game” just to get your spirits up!

In the bottom of the ninth — final inning — the Sox knocked in three runs and the score was tied. The game went to the 10th inning, overtime.

We won. I actually had to wake Garry up and tell him “We won.”

“We won?” he mumbled.

“Bottom of the ninth, the Sox knocked in three runs and then one more in the tenth.”

“Damn,” he said and went back to sleep.

Is this a spiral of change? Or a full reverse?

22 thoughts on “A SPIRAL OF CHANGE – Marilyn Armstrong

      • I lived in Vermont for decades after growing up in NJ, and the rabid fans of one and then the other still puzzle me. I just like sports where people play a good clean game and have fun–I don’t stick with one team right or wrong.


        • We are not rabid fans. It’s just that for years, the Yankees ALWAYS beat us, so it’s nice to have things go the other way, especially in a year when the Yankees have built such an incredible team. We were absolutely sure the Yankees were going to be unbeatable. No one is more surprised than us to find we are winning. Neither of us thought our team was that good.

          You also need to remember: The Red Sox went 89 years without a winning team. That is a LONG time, so now that we are doing well, it’s really nice. Especially in a year when so much else is so ugly.

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            • It was a really pleasant surprise. We are fans, but we don’t froth at the mouth when we lose, either and we don’t hate the Yankees or any other team. If you live in Massachusetts, you CAN’T forget about the Red Sox. They are the only good news we get.

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              • Good news is good news. My mother froths about everything, and everything is us versus them, no matter who the us is. She is white Irish-heritage Catholic and thinks that’s the only way to be, and yet when there was something going on with Israel and Palestine some time, she called Israel ‘us’ and Palestine ‘them’, although she is certainly antisemitic to some degree and antimuslim to some other degree–it’s good not to froth. I hope your team does great and that you enjoy it.


                • Most of the really angry people I’ve known were men, but I think that may be because women hide it better. A lot of people are terribly polite while being incredibly nasty. Someone told me that when you hear a southern woman start a sentence with ‘Well bless her heart,” a major insult is on the way.

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  1. I always seem to be up way later than I ought to be. Even if I’m tired I know if I went to bed at nine or earlier as many people I know do I’d just wake up at some ridiculous hour of the morning. I got into bad habits as a shift worker and during my working years staying up late was a way to get some “Me Time”.
    I don’t understand baseball but I do understand that feeling when your team starts unexpectedly winning. Cricket is a long game too and if there is a Test match in an overseas country even I can’t stay awake long enough to watch it all.


    • I can’t go to sleep early. I wake up every few hours anyway either to go to the bathroom or because something hurts or has fallen alseep. If I go to bed at 9, I’ll be awake at 4 and then my day is going to be REALLY long. And anyway, I quite like sleeping late when I can.

      They have been trying a variety of ways to shorten baseball games. The real truth is if they would shorten the ADVERTISEMENTS, the games wouldn’t be so long. It’s not the game. It’s the ads.

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      • There is a short version of cricket which is played over 20 six ball overs per side. Those games run about 3-4 hours with a short innings break. They are hugely popular. The 50 over per side games can take 6-8 hours with an innings break structured to fit in with TV news bulletins. A Test Match takes up to 7 hours a day including breaks for up to 5 days so you have to be keen to watch those.


        • I’d never survive. The only way I can manage a 4-hour baseball game is to also answer comments or write on my computer at the same time. Even Garry does his email while we watch. We look up when something happens. And like cricket, things happen in spurts, so you can go for several innings where nothing much happens, then a couple where everything happens, then another few with nothing much. You have to be patient, but 7 hours? I don’t think I’m quite that patient 🙂


          • I used to knit but I drop stitches if things get too exciting so I kept it simple, a stitch I didn’t need to think about. With a Test Match I’ll sit to watch the first hour or so and then leave the TV on and do whatever . They repeat the highlights about a million times anyway so if I’m in another room when a wicket falls I can catch it later. I use the laptop to do emails or write posts too.


  2. Mr Swiss is 8 years older than me, in 2 years he will be 80 years old – do I need to say more, go figure. Although I am the first in bed in the evening usually, I must say. I just hope he records the stuff on the TV that I do not finish watching.

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    • Garry is 76, so Marcel is 2 years older than he is. Garry IS tired. The last few years, he has slowed down a lot. He’s in very good physical shape, but he isn’t young either. Time takes a toll.

      He got very good grades on healing, though. What a pity this didn’t happen 20 years ago! What a difference it would have made.

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