When people think of marinas, they think of boats, docks and, of course, water. But our marina makes an effort to create beauty on the land part of the marina as well as the water part.

So I took some pictures of the beautiful plantings and flower beds at our marina. They make walking the dogs a peaceful and happy experience.

Cee’s Flower of the Day


    1. I love my i phone camera! I had a camera for most of my life. It’s freeing to be able to carry a small one in my purse at all times.


      1. My “carry” camera is not much bigger or heavier than your phone. But I can do close-ups and wide shots easily. Also, and for me more important, it these are easy to download to a computer compared to a phone. Don’t get me wrong — the quality of pictures you can take on a modern mobile phone are very good, but the flexibility you have with a camera is much larger. I actually had to make that choice because I needed a little pocket camera I could keep in my bag. I could have gotten the phone OR the camera, but not both. Since I already have a phone, and I’m so much more comfortable with a camera, I went with the baby-sized Leica. To be fair, I was tickled to have a Leica again. Hadn’t owned one in 50 years!


        1. Marilyn, you’re much more serious and knowledgeable as a photographer than I am. I just want to point, zoom and shoot.


          1. And that’s exactly what the little pocket Leica does. Just … I find cameras a lot less finicky than phones. Maybe I need a better phone. When they drop the price by about 90% i might get one.


      1. They are. I used to love being on a boat. Then one day I had a panic attack because I was up in the captain’s area, I haven’t been able to board a boat since. So I enjoy vicariously.


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