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You might want to read this.

No, the prez didn’t put me on his list. Not the contact list or the “kill her before she writes something else” list. I’m not sure there really IS such a list, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Instead, I got this note from Twitter. So now, if you want your stuff to show up on Facebook, it’s going to be entirely cut and paste. Mind you, that’s not all that difficult or time-consuming. It’s the way I did it for at least four years of blogging. It’s just one more thing to bug me.

It has been a very buggy sort of week and keeping my mind right has not been easy. I feel like the world — the entire corporate entity we call the world — is out to get me on some level or other.

Maybe I should reconsider Instagram.

Posting Tweets to Facebook
A recent update to the Facebook Platform Policies ended the ability to automatically post Tweets to your Facebook profile or page, so your Tweets will no longer show up there. For more details, take a look at our Help Center.


So there you have it.

I’m not really sure what the point of all of this is unless it’s yet another outcome of how much the various social media outlets dislike each other and don’t give a fig about us.

These corporations are always telling us how much we matter, but I’ve never seen anything which proves that they care about us at all, one way or the other. All they want is money. More and more of it. And, apparently, it doesn’t matter how much because there’s no limit to how much they will try and squeeze out of us.

If I could think of any other way to publicize the blog, I’d do it. Unfortunately, I can’t.

Twitter made contact.

Golly, what a pleasure to hear from them!

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  1. I think it sucks that your information was stolen and you are having such a difficult time because of it. It has never happened on social media, but I have had my identity stolen. It took years to correct my credit information. I still basically choose to do business via the paper route. I try not to leave too much personal info online. Of course some businesses want you to believe you can only do business with them online. I have a brother who has no computer access and is constantly frustrated in trying to function in today’s society without one. (he is poor and old-fashioned at the same time). I like wordpress as it fills my blogging needs and helped me write my book, my family members on Facebook don’t even read my blogs when they posted to Facebook so I don’t need that feature anyhow. My Facebook Page audience has stalled and I think that is because I won’t let Facebook charge me for “publicity”, and that’s ok. It really is “their” page, not mine. My Twitter followers are growing slowly, but it’s not how many but “who?”. What would we do without these computerized communications? I know I would have to put in a lot more footwork in order to sell my book. So I just try and go with the flow and make it work for me. The stress of hating Facebook is certainly not healthy. I know you would hate to lose your audience but losing your mind is worse…..isn’t it??


    • Yes, I think it sucks too, but that’s what happened and I’m just hoping I won’t wind up owing more money. Every time I think I’m finished, something ELSE shows up. When you get hacked, they spread the data far and wide. It’s kind of awful, actually.

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  2. You should be so honoured! 😉
    Well, it is you who says at the end of your posts: Talk to me …. 😉
    All of this is, of course, said ironically and with tongue in cheek…. And I DO love the cartoon!


  3. I am also sure that this is more about money than Facebook security issues. Perhaps they hope that we bloggers will all get pages so we can publicize our blogs and then at some point they will look for a way to further monetize them. There are already constant suggestions to “Boost your post” for a price of course. Social media is becoming more about and for business rather than individuals who just want to connect. eBay is another that used to be for individual sellers and home based businesses but is now just a portal as all the big stores use it too. I tried Twitter for a while but pulled out when I found I was getting too many people selling things wanting me to follow them. It was fun when it was just for a funny or smart comment but not now and especially not since you know who got hold of it.

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    • You are right.

      The corporations are totally taking over the world and our humanity is on the wire. EVERYTHING is about money. Literally, everything. When I think about anything, I always know there’s a bottom line and it’s got a number and I’m supposed to pay it. Basically, anything that sounded too good to be true turned out to be a lie.

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  4. I’m glad I read this post. Otherwise, I would have wondered why my next post didn’t automatically appear on my Facebook page. But they can’t stop me – I’ll simply post a link to my post on FB myself.


  5. Our government is getting in trouble through Twitter too.


  6. Yeah, Facebook cut off WordPress (all third party apps in fact) a few days ago. Even less reason to have a Facebook account now…


    • It’s very hard to close a Facebook account. They reopen it every time someone tried to contact you. I’ve gone through this before and it took YEARS to get free of them.

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      • I’m guessing not in this country any longer. You get 28 days to completely wipe requested data from you system or… else. And when the UK leaves the EU we have a new Data Protection Act which is apparently even stronger than the GDPR… this is why Facebook have recently moved the accounts of Americans out of Europe – so they don’t have to comply.


        • Yet we do have to agree to the European stuff if we have any friends overseas … which almost all of us do. I’ve been hacked and what’s terrifying is that there’s nothing to stop them from doing it again. Apparently, the new router I bought is just as hackable as the one it replaced. Swell.

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  7. Facebook is not taking automated post from any source now. You have to manually post your tweets, WordPress post to facebook.


    • Which I will do. And if they STILL require I build a page, I won’t publish there, even if I lose a lot of followers. I simply won’t put up with them anymore. they have done me serious harm and I’ve had enough.


  8. Funny cartoon.


  9. Yep, it is the same with WP – I have to manually put my posts on FB. Not sure why FB decided to make things difficult.


    • I think they are very full of themselves. I am very full of them. They’ve released my data illegally, gotten me hacked, ruined my credit and now they are making it hard to use them for any valid purpose. Why? Because they are planning to somehow make more money from this? If so, they can make it without me. I’ve had enough of Facebook for two lifetimes.

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      • I don’t like FB. I think my mom got hacked today. Well, someone took her profile photo , created a new account in her name and is trying to get all of the people who are friends with her to friend this false friend so they can suck all of the data out of them. I hope you can make a clean break.


        • The sent my stuff to Cambridge Analytica and I’m still discovering stuff. Make sure she checks EVERY SINGLE BILL because once they steal your identity, they don’t just sell it once. It gets spread around. I really hate them. I have a couple of thousand followers on FB, but I’m beginning to think I’d be better off without them and without FB.

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  10. I’m getting more and more confused as time goes on.


    • Join the club. I have no idea what they are doing either. I wish I could completely cancel my account, but that isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds.


      • No, I imagine not. I haven’t tried but with anything it’s always a headache. Sorry your having issues. I don’t even know how to fix them if they pop up on me. I’ve had to let go because I can’t rectify or deal with the situation. That or I let my son know and he fixes it.


  11. I read about this in connection with all social sites, that Facebook does not do it automatically now. I thought it would be from last week, but my wordPress sites are still crossposting to Facebook. Perhaps because it is not on the main facebook site but a separate site. I have a Twitter site but wish I didn’t. I really don’t need it.


    • You may already have a Facebook page rather than a profile. I am never sure what I have there. They completely change things from week to week. But they have done me serious damage and I’m thinking about pulling out of there entirely. Whatever I’ve gained, it’s not worth it.

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      • I have a page for some time. I am only there because I can have the page. Basically I am not a Facebook person and only like it because of the messenger. I have personal contact there with my family and good friends all over the world. I can send and receive videos and photos, and all private.


        • I had a page briefly and when I wanted to close it down, they made it incredibly difficult. But as long as you have a page, you can post your blogs automatically. I just don’t want anything more to do with them than necessity requires.

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          • BasicallyI don’t like Facebook so much. It seems to be a place where you can easily tell everyone what you are doing all day, the easy solution. That is why I have my own page. People have to make more effort to get there and that is OK with me. My big advantage with Facebook is the messenger. It is free and I have contact with my direct family who live some place away. I get videos and photos and can follow everything in my son’s family. Also my english friend contacts me and I can contact her with all the latest developments. That is the only reason why Mr. Swiss joined Facebook again. He once left.


  12. Looks like Twitter is distancing itself from Facebook — maybe to avoid the Russia stuff?

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    • Oh — or maybe the other way around — Facebook doesn’t want to import Russia stuff from other sites?


      • I think Facebook has decided to generate more money and why do I think at some point, they are going to ask us for money to publish our stuff? I wouldn’t be surprised if they ban posting our blogs there. if they do that, I basically have no use for Facebook at all and would gladly be rid of them entirely.

        No matter what we think, it is ALWAYS about money.


  13. By all accounts Facebook are not letting 3rd party Apps publish anything to your timeline. It has been a pain in the rear… I used to publish directly from Lightroom to my Facebook profile… now I can’t. Luckily the plugin I am using in Lightroom is allowing me to publish to my photography page.

    The same thing has happened to twitter and WordPress, you can’t publish your WordPress posts to your personal profile but you can to a page. A lot of people are now forced to create pages in order to automatically publish to Facebook.

    It seems to me as if Facebook wants the monopoly on everything…. that is why I am publishing my to Facebook Page but limiting my profile posts to the bare minimum.


    • I’ll just do it manually. And if they get any more annoying, I won’t publish at all. I’m sick to death of social media. They’ve released my data to hackers, ruined my credit, and now this too? I don’t WANT a page on Facebook. I don’t need one. And I’m not going to let them keep pushing me around, even if it costs me something to pull out of there.

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