I love finding unusual and unique decorative items for my house. I am particularly drawn to things made of glass. Some of my glass objects d’art have been custom-made for me, and some I have found online and in all kinds of shops and craft shows.

Here are some of the more interesting uses of glass that I have in my home.

Custom sea glass mobile for over the kitchen table
Glass clock from craft show
Glass clock
Hot Air Balloon sculpture. One of my favorites.
Closeup of glass Hot Air Balloon
Painted Glass
Glass on glass textured piece
Old fashioned seltzer bottle


    1. I was lucky to have a designer who knew the craftsman who made that table. She could use paint and make the table look like marble or paint flowers on it. She had never used sea glass before.


    1. The hot air balloon is from the 1970’s. I loved them at the time but couldn’t afford them. I was thrilled to find one a few years ago at a reasonable price.

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    1. It was fun to work with my designer and the craftsman to create the glass pattern on the table. I also coordinated the sea glass in the mobile above the table with the glass in the table.

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    1. I get such joy seeing that table every day. I spend time drinking my coffee just looking at the glass in the table.


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