Photo Challenge Laundry Day

Laundry waits for you!

It turns out that the trick to not doing a lot of laundry is to have a lot of underwear and socks. You can wear a shirt and pants again, even when it’s got a lot of dog hair on it … but underwear, well. You can’t just keep wearing it. It gets a bit … close.

Done and folded. Until the next time.

Garry does the laundry these days and he is the world’s best folder of clothing. It’s amazing. He can also iron, but he only irons for himself. I have to grovel to get him to iron anything. But these days, I mostly don’t care.

That neat pressed look which was so important during working years doesn’t seem important when the only company we have — most days — are dogs.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

30 thoughts on “PHOTO CHALLENGE: LAUNDRY DAY – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. Garry irons very well. His father was a tailor and Garry used to have a real passion for an ironed pleat in his jeans. But these days, everything is elastic, stretchy, and ironing is not particularly relevant. The man can REALLY fold!

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                    1. Leslie, a classic Bret Harte novel read as a kid. turned into a 50’s movie with Dale Roberston and Linda Darnell. People stranded by a snowstorm theme.

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    1. Gotta make sure you have clean underwear. During my working years, I had a “go bag” that included underwear, socks, Execedrin and Pepto Bismol. Often, had to “grab my gear” on the run for breaking news.

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    1. Tas, I’ve joined the Yoga pants bandwagon. No ironing required. Whenever we next go “out”, I’ll make sure my good jeans are ironed. Creases must be sharp.

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  1. I have an entire drawer full of undies and an entire drawer full of socks for that very reason. I only have to do one load of laundry per week, plus undies and socks every two months or so (Yes, my supply is that large). As for folding….. well, I’ll just say that I do my laundry every Wednesday night and oftentimes don’t get it out of the dryer until Friday afternoon. And if I’m in a real lazy mood, it’ll just sit in the basket all week rather than get hung up. Neat freak, I am not….

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    1. We used to leave it in baskets, but then the cats — and now the dogs — used to decide it was a good place to nap, which ruined the whole “clean” concept. But even doing it now every 10 days to 2 weeks? It’s still not such a huge deal. We don’t bother to get dressed up so we can sit around with the dogs and if we are — once in a blue moon — dressing for something, we try to escape as quickly as possible before the dogs greet us. ALL our clothing is hairy, even things that have never been out of the closet. That hair sort of floats, you know?

      I figure one more round of socks and panties and I’m good for three weeks easy. I’m good on two these days.

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      1. Ever notice how clean, starched and ironed are the outfits of Roy, Gene and Hoppy? Miss Kitty used to do Matt. Dillon’s laundry til the Marshall showed up reeking of another woman’s saloon whiskey. Chester and Festus took over the laundry but didn’t use soap.


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