THE “MODERN” WAY? – Marilyn Armstrong

#FOWC — Modern Tyranny for Modern Times

Today is the press’ day to publish editorials supporting freedom of the press, but not every newspaper is doing it. Their reasons are varied. Some simply don’t have the financial structure to take on a major issue anymore.

Those papers have already lost the war. Like New York’s Daily News, taken over by the Trump mouthpiece of Sinclair to be the “nothing much” somewhere on the internet.

Illustration: Bangor Daily Tribune

As editorials show up in my inbox, I’ll reblog or post them, as I can. Some of them are “Pay to Read” and this is one of those days when that policy is downright foolish, so modern or not, I think press editorials need to be seen and read by as many people as possible, whether or not they are subscribers.

If trampling truth and publishing only what “our leader” (not my leader, but maybe yours) wants to hear is “the modern way,” then heaven help us all.

That is tyranny and our freedom will be, as they say, toast.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

7 thoughts on “THE “MODERN” WAY? – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. Bravo! I had a ‘non-conversation’ with a Trump devotee (a relative sadly) recently in which they went to great lengths to explain that the “left OWNS the media” and the right never has any say and isn’t ‘quoted properly’. That places like You tube ‘censor most of the right videos and opinions’ and ‘liberals are running EVERYTHING. My gawd. I politely nodded, shook my head and changed the subject because that relative and I will NEVER see this current problem the same way. This same relative believes T-dump isn’t a fascist nor a traitor, but says that’s all ‘media spin.’ Well your excellent post here contradicts at least the media spin part. I’d be most interested to hear your thoughts on whether or not T-dump is a fascist and traitor (as I believe him to be) or not. Garry? You got some thoughts on that? You’re one journalist whose opinion I’d trust.

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    1. Melanie, That Trump devotee is all WRONG!

      The “right” gets plenty of print, audio and video space. Matter of fact, it’s driving me bonkers the way the “right” dominates the media. I guess it’s to their credit. They put out all kinds of crazy stuff that dominates headlines, breaking news, talk shows, etc. It’s ironic that Supreme Cmdr Spaceballs labels the media as “The enemy of the people” (Has he actually read Ibsen or the cliff notes?) when he is topic #1, EVERYDAY. I suspect Cheeto Head would love a media controlled by his minions as other dictators do around the world.

      It’s a mad, mad, mad world, Melanie. (thanks for the kind words).

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  2. I don’t see or hear any right wing media. I watch the national news, Sunday morning talk shows, CNN, MSNBC and sometimes public radio. It is all on the left side.

    People around here have been complaining about the liberal media for the last thirty years.

    Maybe I just live in a bubble.


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