NOT VERY SENSUAL – Marilyn Armstrong

Boyoboy, I can't think of any time in my life I have felt LESS sensual. Life just isn't like that these days. It seems to be more about regularity, eating right, hoping nothing breaks, and wondering if the retirement money will last as long as your life and what happens if it doesn't? I think … Continue reading NOT VERY SENSUAL – Marilyn Armstrong


Out yesterday at the farms by the river. Taking pictures. Garry took a bunch too, as did Ben. We have three views of the same scenes. Using three different cameras. Ben has the Pen-F and I am SO envious. Garry has my former FZ-300 and I have the new FZ-1000. These are a few of … Continue reading GOATS, CATS, AND ROCKING CHAIRS – Marilyn Armstrong

THE FINEST HOUR – Marilyn Armstrong

I'm not talking about when Churchill saved England from the Nazi invaders and got their army out of Dunkirk. It's three o'clock in the afternoon, the finest hour for retired people to have an appointment. The next almost as fine hour is two o'clock. Why? Because even if you got up late, there's enough time … Continue reading THE FINEST HOUR – Marilyn Armstrong


#Writephoto - The Smallest Circle The stones stood as they had stood for a millennium. Perhaps longer. No one knew. There were stories. Rumors. Legends. Myths. Despite the disastrous ending of the Druids, the worshippers lived on. Quietly, softly. Sometimes hidden in the folds of Christianity and always deep in moss and woodland, they found … Continue reading #WRITEPHOTO – THE SMALLEST CIRCLE – Marilyn Armstrong