WHICH WAY? DOWN BY THE FARM – Garry & Marilyn Armstrong

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – August 17, 2018

Ben, Garry, and I went around to the farms along the river. Our hope was to get some pictures and maybe, with luck, some fresh corn, too.

We got both.

The barn on the road by the river …
And this is where we found the corn!
How exciting! Corn!
Road from the farm towards Rhode Island
Another farm …

15 thoughts on “WHICH WAY? DOWN BY THE FARM – Garry & Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. Your farms are certainly different to ours. the buildings are different, much bigger and neater. We only have industrial corn growing here. The maize cobs are more for animal food. I have never seen the neat small cobs growing here for human consumption. We eat it, but is not such a big thing.

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    1. Our (very) local corn is delicious. We actually only get local corn and it’s both white and yellow grain and very sweet. We have such a short season — barely four weeks. We also grow corn for cattle, but not as much. They graze outside through the summer and we don’t have beef cattle, just dairy. Not a lot of food crops in the valley. Not a lot of good growing or grazing room and mostly along the river.

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      1. Do the cows give a Lactose free version of their milk? Which one do you squeeeze or do you ask the cow? Maybe they should have labels on the cows so you know what you’re squeezing.


    1. Wagons. Small animals on wheels. There are actually a couple of them, one of them a few doors down from us and now, Ironshoe. But Ironshoe has always been one of those farms you could go and walk into pens and pet the horses and the goats and anything else they happened to have around. AND if you have a mobile phone, you can take pitchers.


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