Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge

We went photographing the other day. It was definitely a farm day. Not all farms are equally friendly to guests and some of these pictures require no further explanation.

It was certainly an interesting day for shooting, from the super-friendly Ironshoe Farm to the farm around the block where they are always friendly and by the way, do you need a kitten or half a dozen?

And then, there was the other one.

Kitten anyone?

The contemplation of photography

Not all farms are as friendly as others. This one, not so much …

Probably not so friendly

Does this sign mean “weapon”? 

Farm stand at Ironshoe Farm


23 thoughts on “ODDBALL PHOTOS – CEE’S PHOTO CHALLENGE – Garry Armstrong

  1. I’m impressed that you could read that sign….I couldn’t have. And that whole “trespassers” sign? Would have put me right off, despite the tastiness of farm fresh veggies…. I bet those peppers were a treat!!

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    • Garry has an exceptional eye for oddballs, I think it’s from reporting. He looks for things that appear “out of place” or different. And of course both he and Ben INSTANTLY spotted the Confederate flag (I didn’t notice it, but I was on the other end of the truck). They didn’t need to put up “no trespassing” or the other thing (weapin?) either. That stars and bar symbol makes all dark-skinned people shiver.

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      • The confederate flag on the license plate. The Stars and Stripes hanging nearby. covering all bases. Surprised with didn’t see the miniature Black jockey. Maybe it was in the back yard.


    • Thanks, Cee. AGAIN, A holdover from my working days. I always looked for scenes that told a story without words. I remember doing a “water use limited— strictly enforced”. Story. Fella swore he was abiding with regulation. I saw his freshly hosed front lawn with rivulets of water forming large pools. We ran his interview with that video. No words needed from me. The fella received a visit from the local law.


    • We all took very similar pictures. One of them, all three of us took exactly the SAME picture. I figure there was only one good place to stand and get the farm and silo without a ton of machinery, too. Because all three shots are essentially identical. Garry’s is from a little further back, but it’s still the same angle and everything. Three such eagle-eyes as we could not have accidentally taken that picture so it must have been the only good place to stand and shoot!

      With a WEAPIN?

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    • Thanks, Pat. I loved all the animals who were so friendly and cooperative. The cats and kittens had been hiding in the barn. They came out when I beckoned to them.

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