HIDING OUT – Marilyn Armstrong

I would like to say the home wasn’t always like this, but that would not be true. Home has always been my hideout.

From the first time I finally I got a place of my own, it has been my staging area. This is where I put on the bells, whistles, and makeup I needed for the outside world.

That was back in the early days when offices required we come to work all “dressed up.” Towards the end of my working life, they didn’t care if you showed up at all, as long as you got the job done. A big improvement. I still feel like home is where I “stage” myself for the rest of life.


Home is where the comfortable furniture is. It is where the dogs hang out. It’s got my kitchen, so it’s the place where I can cook. My books live at home so I can cozy up with a Kindle.  Or maybe a camera or whatever I find interesting.

Now, more than ever.

It used to be where I came home when the day was done. Now it is where I am unless something else takes us away for a while.

Home is the good place. My place.

19 thoughts on “HIDING OUT – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. Yes, exactly, home is where you can be comfortable and be yourself. It’s nice to travel and it’s nice to go out and do things but it’s great to come home, be greeted by your pets, take your shoes off and put the kettle on.

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  2. Home is where the heart is? It’s always wonderful to travel, get away, go places, but there truly is nothing like home. My granddaughter went on a 2-week vacation and we both my son and I got the biggest warmest most heartfelt hug when she returned. She was thrilled to see us. I’m so glad to be home! she chanted. It warmed my heart indeed. She’s again off on a week-long stay with relatives. Having her N, she’s driven 10 hours through mudslides and burning fires to get there. I don’t mind telling you I was nervous but she updated us every time she stopped so we knew she arrives safely. Brave girl. She was nervous and came to visit and chat several times before leaving. What a wonderful delightful young lady.


    1. For us, the moment of real TRUTH is when we get into bed and just sigh with the comfort of our own bed. And the soft recliners. And the pause on the TV and the food in the fridge. It’s nice getting away too, but if I have the choice to be always on the road or home?

      Definitely HOME.


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