I know Marilyn has posted pictures of Miss Mendon, but I think (I hope) that I’ve gotten a slightly different “view” of the place.

The Entryway



In an area where there are few decent restaurants, Miss Mendon stands out as a good place to eat and the only place where you can get breakfast all day.

Behind the counter

Waiting to be seated

It was originally a Worcester dining car. A big one, because I’ve seen others and usually, that are smaller than Miss Mendon.

Miss Mendon began life as Miss Newport — Worcester Dining Car number #823. She has been repainted, re-tiled, given a bigger dining room and a modern kitchen. She’s had a long life and seen hard times, but despite everything, she has survived with grace and character.

Where the old diner meets the newer pavilion

Miss Mendon’s Pavillion

Three o’clock and time to pick up the car!

And today, I’m getting my new hearing equipment! More about that to come!

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  1. My, my, my. Miss Mendon has a country cousin in Utah….(Miss) Ruth’s Diner. Ruth has quite the history too, but nobody has (to my knowledge) ever captured her so beautifully as you have with Miss Mendon. And Ruth underwent several face lifts along the way, some of them not so successful (IMHO) which ruined (for me) the ambiance of the place. There also used to be a cafe (no diner nor car) called “Bill & Nada’s” which graced downtown Salt Lake City. It’s been torn down, but it had the same feel as what you describe with Miss Mendon. Breakfast all day too. Sometimes progress ruins the past for some of us.


    • We have a Worcester dining car in Uxbridge, too. It’s even older than Miss Mendon, but has not been “fixed up.” On the other hand, if you get there before 11 in the morning (that’s when they close for the day — they only do breakfast and only in the morning), they make THE best breakfast I’ve ever eaten and the coffee never stops coming. It is also maybe half the size of Miss Mendon.


  2. Tomorrow is going to be a big day, can’t wait to hear all about it.


  3. Handsome diner, and good luck with your new hearing equipment.


  4. Well well Garry. Already in Marilyn’s post I loved the Diner and thank you so much for these wonderful, nostalgic photos. Reminded me (rightly so I now realise) of the famous ‘Train Bleu’ – a (very expensive) restaurant in the Gare de Lyon in Paris (where I shall pick up my son & partner tonight). Look it up…. I would gladly come to Miss Mendon’s Pavillion over and over again just for the cheerful deco.
    And GOOD LUCK AND MUCH JOY to you, may your brand new gear give you the best of your hearing life…. You might hear more sometimes than you care for, but that’s the same for all of us! God bless….


  5. This guy is a collector of old movie and music stuff. Plastic statues of famous people and old cars. old gas stations.

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    • One criticism: They need to put out bowls of those half sour pickles that are staples in our old Long Island diners. Otherwise, Miss Mendon is a great place for vittles — especially breakfast, available all day.


  6. Is Miss Mendon in Uxbridge, or closer to Boston where you will go to get your hearing gear? She looks like a wonderful place for breakfast! Best wishes for the hearing gear!

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    • Mendon. Just a few miles from us and quite far OUT of Boston. Actually, she’s part of our car dealer. He has a pretty amazing place including shops and the diner and an outdoor grill and a coffee shop inside each dealer. More than full service.

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      • That is pretty amazing! I took one of my earlier cars to a mechanic whose waiting room was decorated to look like the interior of a diner — I guess there’s more than one way to skin a cat — or to sell a car!


        • They are a pretty good dealer. This is the third car from them and while they have the usual OMG expensive service (all dealers have expensive service!), they really treat you very nicely. And they have EVERYTHING.


    • Slmret, thanks for the supportive words. We’ll be departing shortly for UMass Memorial Hospital and activation of my Cochlear Implant parts. Am excited, yes, but very, very nervous. It’s a big adventure forme.

      Miss Mendon is a swell place and a throwback to the diners we knew and loved on Long Island decades ago. It’s low key but the food and servings are top notch as is the staff. It’s closer to Uxbridge. Maybe half an hour from The Kachingerosa, our family abode.

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      • Miss Mendon sounds like the best kind of ‘relic.’ It’s natural for you to be nervous about the implant gear — so many unknowns! But think how much easier life will be when it does its work — both for you and for Marilyn!


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