Garry and I are off to UMass. Today he gets (tada!) his new electronic, high-tech hearing apparatus. We have NO idea what to expect. Hopes are high, nerves are taut, and it’s going to be a long day.

We shall write tomorrow, hopefully, but in the meantime, we’ll be gone most of the day.

Also, WordPress is acting weird. Again. I can’t use the “like” button and I have to sign in for every comment. But that’s okay because Chrome is behaving weirdly also. I’m ready to hide under the sofa.

Later, gang.

FOWC with Fandango — Reflex


40 thoughts on “REFLEXIVE AND DEFINITELY NOT FLUFFY – Marilyn Armstrong

    • I think it will be good. It will take time and we are told typically, about three months until finally, everything really works. Meanwhile, he can hear better today than yesterday or even earlier this morning.


    • So far, so good. We were warned to be patient and rapid results aren’t always the best. There’s a lot of tuning to be done, both for the implant and the other new hearing aid. We finally found the magnets in his head. That was kind of funny, actually. He hasn’t had a haircut in like two months and he has very thick and springy hair, so finding the magnet through his hair was kind of entertaining. Good thing I looked at those x-rays or we might still be hunting for them.

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    • I think it will work out well, but it is going to take some time. There are a lot of adjustments to make, both for the implanted (right) side AND the other side with the new hearing aid. And his brain has to learn to “hear” the implant and this takes anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months. He does hear better now than he did yesterday. That’s a good thing and promising. We were warned: PATIENCE.


      • I did not realize there was so much involved, but it makes sense that the body would have to adjust to hearing implants and aids, just like with any other part, and patience and re-training would be necessary. And maybe new speakers LOL 🙂


    • We were in immediately, which is good and we didn’t get lost. EVEN better. Garry can hear better. Not as good as he WILL hear when the implanted ear is better “tuned.” But he can hear me much better and he is understanding more of what is being said, too. He says our speakers don’t sound great. Well, they AREN’T great. That’s what you get for $100 on Amazon.


    • Ah. A local 😀 Yes, it’s always better out.

      He definitely can hear better than he could before we went in, but there are a lot of adjustments to be made, so there are two more appointments over the next two weeks. Right now, the implant side is tinny and muffled and the new hearing aid on the OTHER side needs a better fit in his ear. It’s a generic “dome” and he needs a mold for his ear. He needs it to sit right on his ear bone.

      This takes time. Apparently, the typical timing is about 3 months until suddenly, it sounds “right. ” But he definitely CAN hear a lot better and that’s no small thing.


        • The hearing aid that came with the set has a generic dome. Garry is going to need a real ear mold or it will never do the job. But the gear for the implant is working pretty well, for day two, anyway. The hearing aid — not the implant gear — needs a few fixes to make it work properly for Garry. He is not used to a generic anything in his ear. He needs things to FIT. The implant stuff doesn’t actually go in his ear. It sits ON his ear (microphone, sound processor, small transmitter) and sends the information to the thing that sits on his head using magnets which is the main transmitter. I think it then sends all the collected “data” into his implant which then sends it to his brain. It’s VERY techie.


        • It cost Garry less than 100 each to get real molds of his inner ear for his hearing aids. They HAD molds, but over the years, they got a bit loose, so he had new ones made. it isn’t wildly expensive, especially if you do one at a time.

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  1. Excited for you both, a tad nervous, expectant and back to excited. I’m sitting on the edge of my seat, literally, waiting for tomorrow to find out what’s what. You both, take care in the meantime. Love to you both! Big smooch on the cheek too!


  2. Am curious to know how it goes with Gary. I was also absent this morning taking Mr. Swiss to the clinic and afterwards shopping and no time for a morning blog. The problems we golden oldies have, but all in a good cause of course.


    • We will let everyone know, but we may not know much today. It’s hard to know how it will work. He may hear really well, or it might take more adjustments. Now, it’s just trying this and that and tuning.

      How’s Mr. Swiss doing? Age is a real bummer.

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      • The endoscopy went well and nothing was found, so I breathed a little sigh of relief. On Monday he has another examination for the stomach. At least you get the result immediately after the examination. Age is really full of unexpected stuff.

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        • There was a period in my life where I had so many endoscopies I couldn’t count. It was never a happy experience, especially since they make you stay awake so you can swallow when they tell you. Yuck. Give him my sympathies. Not seeing anything is a GOOD thing.

          Garry can hear. Not like he WILL hear and there are more adjustments. We go back again twice more over the next two weeks, adjusting the equipment each time. And he needs to get a better fitting on the new hearing aid (the not implanted ear) and that will cost money, so it has to wait for next month because right now, with the car and all, there IS no money. Boy, are we TIRED. Not only am I too tired to cook. I think we are both too tired to EAT.

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  3. I had that “unable to like” problem with the WordPress app for the iPhone s few months back, but it worked in Safari. Finally WP fixed the app for iOS. But another bug surfaced.


    • It just started yesterday. I can “like” in “notifications,” but not on a post, mine or anyone else’s and I have to log in for each comment, including my OWN site, UNLESS I’m answering from the dashboard. They never stop screwing it up. It’s ALWAYS something.

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