Why Is NASA Sending A Spacecraft To The Sun?
Earlier this month on August 11th,  NASA launched its newest spacecraft, called the Parker Solar Probe. The probe’s mission is to study the outer corona of the Sun to better protect our tech-driven lifestyle against destructive solar storms that could take us back to the stone ages.


Video via – Tech Insider
Further Readings And References @ NASASparkonitTechCrunch

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all plus a big helping of cynicism.

7 thoughts on “WHY IS NASA SENDING A SPACECRAFT TO THE SUN? (REBLOG) – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. (This comment is offered tongue in cheek ) Why is NASA sending a spaceship to the sun? (I hope the thing is not manned)….Because that orange idiot thinks that ‘Space Wars’ or whatever that stupid idea he has is called is hiding behind the sun. To find it and conquer it? Means some measure of respect and honor for him. Obviously he is doomed to disappointment and will die forgotten and pissed upon if the Universe is just.


  2. I think I saw a dozen videos on this probe but missed this one. Yeah, solar storms are things that we don’t think about too often,but perhaps we should – i think it is far more likely to happen in our lifetimes than an asteroid strike.


    1. I’d seen a few comments about it, but we are so politically overdosed, everything else just gets LOST. I used to love the science and archaeology sections in the New York Times. They were really good about reports digs and science and stuff. The Globe seems to have gotten lost and we now get the Washington Post (online, obviously) . It’s also less than half the price for an online subscription. They report all kinds of stuff. What happened at the Globe? Did they completely redo all the editors and reporters? Garry seems to be in permanent mourning for what used to be news.

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