1. I love the one that looks like the infinity sign on its end. I remember when I found it. It was tucked away on a top shelf in a crowded ‘antique’/junk shop. I had to wait forever for the owner to get a ladder and get it down for me. But it was worth it! That will always be on display in my house!

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    1. I always look for the unusual. I get that from my mother. “Interesting” and “Different” were the highest compliments for anything or anyone. She used those words on me when I didn’t fit in in high school. It actually helped me feel special, while not fitting into the mainstream mold of the day.


    1. I think a few of the fish are signed and maybe a few of the bowls and vases. I doubt that any famous names are on them though. I do view them as works of art, even if they are considered ‘chatchkis’ by most people.


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