WHICH WAY? NO, REALLY … WHICH WAY? – Marilyn Armstrong

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – August 24, 2018

Garry and I got lost in the hospital. We went the wrong way out of the elevator and suddenly, I realized I’d never seen those bank machines before … and the cafeteria … we hadn’t passed that on the way in.

No one gets lost like we do. We have a special talent. Even when we find our to the place we are intending to go, we will probably get lost in the parking lot or inside the building. Or while trying to find the restroom.

The only place this works in our favor is when we are looking for new places to take pictures and just drive randomly around, hoping we’ll find a new dam or a lake or a heron.

So for me, “Which Way” is a valid expression of the meaning of what I humorously call “life.”

Out the window of Miss Mendon

They don’t need a road. Goats can just go. They are walking on top of a stone fence.
Horses don’t need a GPS … YOU are the GPS.
Chickens don’t get lost
Walk down the aisle?

28 thoughts on “WHICH WAY? NO, REALLY … WHICH WAY? – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. The last time I was in a hospital to pick up my medical records, they sent a guide with us. He was a volunteer. Such a good idea! We never would have found the records office. I’ve been lost in that hospital before.

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    1. Big hospitals are labyrinthine. They just keep adding wings. One hospital had different color tapes on the wall. You figured out which color you needed to get to and then followed the tape. But that was a relatively SMALL hospital. This one is HUGE — and has dozens of buildings that go on for miles. I used to work in an office with cubicles and I couldn’t find my desk half the time.

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        1. I find traveling distances no problem. If I have a map, I can find wherever I need to go and between cities, it’s usually one road. It’s locally I get totally turned around. Sometimes, I can’t find the same place when it snows as I could in the summer. It looks entirely different to me.

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            1. New England doesn’t do signs either. We have signs on crossroads — but only for the crossing road. Almost never for the road you are on. I think the theory is “if you don’t know where you are, why are you here?” You can drive for miles and never know what road you’re on. I’ve had to stop and ask people, which is embarrassing.


  2. Great photos, I especially like the horses. I guess chickens only get lost if they cross the road. First time I visited the Royal Hobart hospital to visit someone I got lost. Still who would have thought that to get to the south wing you had to follow a sign that said “north”. I think all old hospitals must be rabbit warrens.

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    1. Chickens probably get lost less often if they have a fence 🙂 The weird thing is that chickens CAN fly, but generally don’t.

      For us to get to the first floor, we enter at the main level (1) and take the B elevator DOWN to A (not B which is a lower level). The fact that it is hilly around here also means there are entrances and exits on various floors, too.

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  3. Love the photos. The goats are so adorable and those horses! The diner is awesome too. You do take great photos. Sorry you got lost, I do the same, there are so many tapes to follow and at that distance the colours fade for me.

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    1. We get lost. It’s our thing. We’ve been lost in California, Arizona, and Ireland. And of course all over New England and the east coast. And every major east coast city. We are specialists. Having trouble getting lost? Ask us. We’ll explain it.

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      1. lmao. My grand daughter is the same. She gets lost going out the back door. which is humourous to the rest of us as even after 30 plus years I can direct you to a specific house and how to get there, ie my aunts house which I hadn’t been to since I was 12.

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  4. Beautifull and full of humour…. In our couple, I am the getting lost specialist. I have been known to sit on the wrong side of the train just because I had my seat on the first floor and I had to climb this little staircase…. I can get lost in a nutshell!

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    1. Kiki, during my working days, I’d be asked to sometimes be the wheel man when we were in a hot pursuit police chase. I frequently got loss, blowing the story and aggravating my crew. But once, I got lost in a chase, made some guess short cuts and wound up in front of the bad guys. We had exclusive video of the capture and i was a hero for one evening.

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      1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 good on you. long may that story live. sadly i have none to tell, but i saved our lives once when i drove our vw bus in a field and thus avoided being run over and crushed by a mad and probably crazed harvester driver…. we do what we can 😉

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  5. Hospitals are very easy to get lost in even for people who have decent senses of direction. Last time I was at the hospital my urologist is in, they were remodeling the front lobby and had an alternate front entrance set up. I knew I’d get lost if I tried to go through the building on my way back to the parking lot, so I just walked around the outside of the hospital…


    1. Mall parking lots are almost as bad as hospitals. I try to remember the entrance through which I came and most important, what are they SELLING. I once got lost in the really huge parking lot at Burlington and they had to drive me around for almost an hour before I found the car. I remember my mother and I got lost together and walked for miles until her car finally showed up. Now, Garry writes down the car’s space number plus its row (letter) code, which thankfully most malls offer.

      Hospitals, though, have valet services. They whisk your car away to anywhere they can find an empty spot. You won’t see it until you pay the bill ($2 for handicapped, so it’s worth it) after which they deliver it to your door. But it has to be the SAME door through which you came or it’s going to be a completely different bunch of valets who won’t have a clue where your car is.

      With entrances on two floors of one side of this building (there are at least a dozen buildings — probably more) and two or more doors on each side, it’s like a math problem. That this is a hilly area which gives them even more places to put doors and parking lots and parking buildings and valet groups.

      It’s just as bad INSIDE. There are signs, but so many it’s hard to pick out YOUR sign from all the others … and some are bigger or smaller depending on who printed it and when. We can, these days, at least GET to the Otolaryngology Department (they could just call it “the ear department” but that would be too simple). No, I can’t pronounce Otolaryngology. It does not fall trippingly off the tongue.


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