Photo Challenge: Animals in Nature

I realized this omitted my dogs, the local milk cows, and the chickens. That left birds. I have seen many wild creatures, but I haven’t gotten their pictures. I can tell you about the tortoises and coyote, chipmunk, bobcat, and fisher cat. Squirrels, deer, rabbits, gophers and I know we have begun to have bears, too.

But when we get right down to it, what I have photographically, are birds.

Geese swimming in one line down the Blackstone River 
Our own little Red Finch
Dirty water swan 

Cardinal in snow
Up and away! Photo: Garry Armstrong – Not wild, but maybe he should be? 
Junco, probably.
Great Blue Heron 
Black-crowned night heron 

12 thoughts on “PHOTO CHALLENGE: ANIMALS IN NATURE – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. There’s one day in April when about a million baby snapping turtles climb up out of the Blackstone and sit on the rocks. We were there that day. I wish I’d had a better camera! It was amazing. EVERY rock in the river was completely covered with baby turtles.

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  1. Marilyn, your photos are wonderful and you said you need a better camera! They are so clear, I especially loved the little Red Finch. I bent my own rules and cheated on one of my pingbacks, I chose a cow doing what Nature intended!

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    1. I took about 100 shots of that finch and ONLY that one came out clear. I have to shoot through my window and it’s not particularly clean or cleanable, so getting a picture of the bird rather than the dirty window … well..

      The turtle picture was taken way back in 2011. Cameras have come a LONG way since then!


  2. Great Photos! I particularly love the trutles on the rock and the geese in a line.

    My last post could have fitted well with the challenge – had i known about it before i posted it! 🙂

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